Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Not the best shot, but family photos aren't perfect around here.
There have been numerous times I've wanted to update my blog with thoughts, phases, stages, ideas, etc...but after spending 3 hours on the computer working, the last thing I want to do is spend another 30 minutes uploading photos and editing pictures.  But Easter rolled around, no time spent on the computer and it seems like the perfect opportunity to update.


 Pictures don't work out so well around here.

This year, I learned more about the history of Easter and how it came to be.  Because of our belief in Jesus, I wanted to move away from the tradition of Easter and focus more on the the Holy week and Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  A few blogs I read gave me some inspiring ideas.

First we started out each day reading what Jesus was doing leading up to the Resurrection.  My mom had given them these little paper cutouts with a book and stickers.  It was a good visual for little minds.  On Good Friday we spent some time outside working on our Tomb garden and then put it together that evening.  We read a story, lit the candle and then went to bed after we blew out the candle.


To keep balance, we still did Easter eggs.  We just did them in the lawn in our backyard on Saturday.  The kids knew no different and still had tons of fun and lots of candy (too much in fact!).  Then today, Resurrection Sunday, when the kids woke up, we rolled away the rock in front of our tomb in the garden and then cut some flowers to place around it for the "new-ness" that Christ has given to us in His Resurrection.  We went to church, came home and had lunch.  Took naps and rested the remainder of the day.  It was a beautiful, relaxing, and fresh filled day. 

I love that she has no idea he's stealing her candy.
I think in the future, I'll do a Spring party with their friends and hide Easter eggs on that day.  Something about keeping Easter separate from Resurrection Sunday has become really important to me. 

Because it would take more creativity than I have, here's the pictures from the weekend, all clumped together.

Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday!