Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My new favorite recipe

Here's what I've learned about kids and eating--they come out of the womb either picky or eating everything.

Eloise has always been a sparse eater. Every meal she "needs help", except when she is eating something sweet. It's taken a while to find my rhythm with her and knowing when to push and when to back off, but we seem to have hit a balance lately.

Lily, well, she came out eating. She eats exactly like Dave--mostly meat, veggies and very little sweets. Just the opposite of her sister who eats like me, no meat and everything sweet.

But I have found a new recipe that satisfies all preferences for eating in the house. And it's simple to make, which is always a plus.

Spaghetti with Parmesan and Bacon -- Delicious!
It's over here at Cooking Light.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I know about Pregnancy #3

Here's a few things I thought I should note about the 3rd pregnancy.

*It's never happening again. I had said that with Lily, but I had doubt lingering. There is no doubt this time. Unless, of course, the Lord plans otherwise.

*I'm not going to be within the recommended weight gain. I've gained 45 lbs with both girls and I have a feeling this one will be the same, maybe more if I can't stop making cinnamon bread.

*My body is done giving up itself to grow another human being. Especially when it's chasing the other two around the house.

*My thighs are starting to grow, that's never a good sign.

*I'm getting varicose veins behind my left knee and it's not pretty. I'm not a huge fan of shorts, but this just added one more reason not wear them.

*I'm savoring the kicks knowing that this will be my last time feeling them.

*I'm almost 27 weeks and sleeping is difficult. 13 more weeks + 9 months of a newborn. Looks like I'm not sleeping for the next year.

*I love having a belly. It hides what is really underneath. So I'm enjoying all the tighter shirts I get to wear.

*I am thankful and blessed to be having a 3rd baby. I know it's going to be great fun.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

I'm taking a break from FLF this week. It will be back next Friday.

If you have a link you would love to share please leave a comment with the link.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I love about Spring?

Sparse attire

The ice cream man


Eating outside

Reaching new heights

Monday, April 20, 2009

Officially Annoyed!

Dear United Airlines:

I was one of those people for years who had your Visa card that accrued miles. I always paid off the balance (which I know doesn't make you any money) and knew someday I would cash in the miles for a fabulous trip to a warm tropical climate.

When we decided to get rid of credit cards all together, moving toward fiscal responsibility, I canceled the United Visa and the man on the phone said I had 3 years to use my miles. Perfect! I was pregnant at the time with my second daughter and knew this would give me enough time to get out of nursing and back into the traveling game.

Over the weekend, a friend and I had a great idea to surprise our husbands with a trip somewhere before we had our next babies. I had enough miles to buy the tickets for all four of us. Or so I thought.

When I checked on my balance, ZERO! That's right ZERO!

Imagine my surprise and shock when I counted back the months and realized I was still in the 3 year time period. Where had my miles gone?

They had gone the way of a policy change. They changed the rules to 18 months. Did I know? NO. They said they had sent it to my e-mail and it was posted on their website.

First, I don't check my junk mail. Who does? It's just p*rn and fishing scams for wire transfers.
Second, I'm not in the habit of making airline websites my home page.
Third, I never received anything in the mail.
Fourth, where is the grandfather clause? All those people like me who were informed over the phone that they had 3 years should have been given those 3 years until they ran out.

So where are my miles now? GONE. 129,000 miles gone! All those years of using my card and showing loyalty to United Airlines by flying on their airline whenever I had to buy a ticket, poof, gone the way of a policy change.

I've never been one to do away with a company or product but I understand that my money, if I should choose to fly, is extremely valuable to whichever airline I choose. And I have a feeling United will not be at the top of my list.

Thank you to all those nice customer service people who simply gave me an 'I'm sorry'. I'm sorry too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Not too many links this week. This pregnancy seems to be taking it's toll on me more than the other two. Lots of stomach issues that will need to be worked out in the coming weeks. But with all that happening, I still managed to search around for some fun stuff.

*A Daily DIY. This is a great site that posts DIY projects done by various people. It's sometimes decorating, kids crafts, or seasonal ideas. Very cool to check out from time to time.

*This may be what I'm in for if my stomach doesn't find a way to settle.

*Old google usage. I got a chuckle out of this one.

*My heart has been breaking for this family all the while I am extremely inspired.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Call Now!

Infomercials rarely have influence on me. Dave on the other hand, well, he gets home around 1 a.m. or so and there is nothing but infomercials on. Needless to say, he's convinced we need Power 90 after the baby is born. We are going to be the "family of steel", or so he thinks.

I may be having a change of heart towards those products that seem too good to be true. I keep seeing the Shamwow. I don't know if it's the actual product or the hilarious guy that sells them. When he soaks up the pop in the carpet, gets me everytime. And I don't even buy paper towels, so there really is no need to replace anything here. It just looks fun to use.

But here's my final straw when thinking about purchasing these products. If they really worked, wouldn't they be selling in stores? Wouldn't Target be stocking up on Shamwow's if they were that good? Like the upside down tomato garden, the Topsy Turvy. Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling them, along with Amazon. That is all the convincing I need. I'm heading out to buy the Topsy Turvy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

It took us 15 tries to get this. Finally we succeeded in everyone looking at the same time. Hope you all had a great day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends.

*My friend Melinda found a copycat recipe for Girl Scout cookies. I'm going to give the tag-a-longs a try.

*Simple tricks that make you look smart. I'm going to try #22. I dislike hard cookies.

*Here's a fun one for all the creative folk. Lots of fun stuff here.

*Apple print tote bag. So cute and possibly a great kids project.

*Eloise loves ranch and I always feel better about making my own. This Buttermilk Ranch recipe looks great.

*I'm a huge fan of cupcake parties. Cute info here.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

here is the bump

I know you all might not notice, but my arms are the size of Texas. It's lovely. And the photo is a bit fuzzy. Regardless, here is the boy bump. He's kicking like crazy these days. Just enough to freak Dave out. He can't even look let alone touch it. It cracks me up every time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24 weeks

I'm pretty much 24 weeks. The little naked baby on the side might not say so yet, but I am.

So apparently in the 23rd week this baby decided he needed to grow considerable. Making two things difficult--sleeping and bending over. Gardening was a huge success this weekend that was accompanied by intense back pain and the realization that the summer will not be those grand visions of me playing with the girls in the backyard in a cute maternity swimsuit. I picture more laying in the shade with my belly and my feet 8 times the size that they should be. Hopefully I'll have a deliciously cold smoothie in my hand.

I'm craving every type of Asian food possible. Peanut sauce seems to be at the top of the list. I just can't get enough. I'm figuring it's the salt. Gummies are still up there as well. But I know sugar just makes for a fat baby so I'm avoiding that as much as I can.

Lily went with me to my last appointment. She sat on my lap while they listened to the heartbeat and felt around my belly. When they turned on the Doppler she just looked crossly at my midwife and said, "That's really loud". She also learned how to push as hard as she can on my belly after watching my midwife. I think she is in denial that there is another baby coming that will take away her #1 spot on her mama's lap. Whenever we ask if she is ready for the baby to come, she says, "No. I'm the baby". It looks like we may actually have to confront the new sibling issue we seemed to have escaped with Eloise.

I'll post pictures soon. I need to look cute and tonight isn't a cute night. So sorry, no pics.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sun and Bread

Today in the Northwest, it was beautiful. Perfect. It was the weather we have needed since the horrific snow storm in December. We finally mowed our lawn, cleaned up the yard and opened up the windows in the house. I think we must have played outside for 5 hours straight. We would have BBQ'd if our tank was full.

Instead, for dinner we had this fabulous bread that my mom has been raving about for weeks. She found the recipe in a Mother Earth magazine and loved it so much she bought the book, Artisian Bread in 5 minutes a day.

I'm not a huge fan of making bread. Yeast freaks me out. It's too complex. Too easy to screw up. But finally, I've found one that I can't get wrong.

Here's the basic recipe:
3 cups lukewarm water
1 1/2 TBLS yeast (this is 2 packets, I measured)
1 1/2 TBLS salt
6 1/2 cups flour

Mix together in a bowl with a spoon. You may have to use your hands for the last part. And then put a towel over it and let it sit on the counter for 2-4 hours. Then place in the fridge over night. Pull off pieces as needed and it will stay in the fridge, in dough form, for up to 2 weeks!

I've used this for cinnamon rolls, bread, and pizza dough. For all of these, take out, roll or shape into desired loaves and let sit for 30 minutes to come up to room temperature, then bake. For Cinnamon rolls (350 degrees until golden brown - 35 minutes or so), for bread (450 degrees on a pizza stone for around 25 minutes), and for the pizza dough (450 degrees until pizza is done - about 15 minutes). There is even a video tutorial if you need one.

Read their blog and website. It's great and I am sold on buying the book. I can't wait to make cinnamon bread from the buttermilk dough.

If I can do this bread, you all can too. It's so easy and delicious!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Some Easter and some other fun stuff. Have a great weekend and hopefully we get some Spring weather around here.

*Cute Egg Tree. I eventually want to do this, but probably not this year.

*Bloesem Kids. Cute site for kids.

*Easter Brownie Treats - yum! Very easy and doable.

*A strange little Easter egg idea. Eloise may eat these. She just discovered hard-boiled eggs.

*Easter Bunny Cake Pops - So fabulous!

*Very Cute Crayon holder. I would love to do this.