Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet Eloise

I promise I'm not a lame mom forgetting my oldest child.  Life has been busy beyond normal and trying to carve out time on the computer that is not work, is hard to do.  But today is Saturday, it's hot outside and we're laying around taking naps and resting.  Perfect day to get caught up.


Eloise is almost 6 and taller than most 3rd graders.  Since the day she was born the more common comment we receive is "wow, she's so tall".  Yes, yes she is.  I don't know how this will play out for her in school but we're hoping that it works to her advantage. 

She is almost reading and she loves to learn.  The kids is begging me all day long to do craft projects with her and work on her reading lessons.  I'm constantly dodging the crafting questions but I'm eager to do the reading with her.  But with the reading comes the fun to play, play, play and more play.  Sand is her favorite thing to play with.

What I love about Eloise is her heart to do good, please others and be as helpful as she possibly can.  I've noticed this trend in most first-born girls.  If I'm baking, she's the second (behind Sam) to help.  She really wants to learn how to cut with a knife so we're looking for time to help her learn how to do it safely.

She loves friends and can't wait to have her first sleepover at a friends house.  Mom's attempts to keep the sleepover at home are not keeping that desire at bay.

She is curious but not overly curious.  If there is something to try, she takes a few steps forward and then waits a few more minutes for her sister to try.  Once it's safe, she takes the plunge.  A far cry from the 20 month old leaping of slides. 

I am reminded that with as she longs to please and make it known that she is doing things right, I want her to know that even when she does things wrong, I am pleased.  I am pleased with her because she is fearfully and wonderfully made by a powerful and loving Creator who is pleased with her as well. .

I look forward to watching her grow next year in school as she can hardly count the days until she attends kindy.  The friends she'll meet, the teacher she will enjoy and the lessons she'll learn.  I can't wait. 

We love our sweet Eloise Caroline.