Wednesday, January 30, 2008

trying my patience

I'm a very patient woman. I never use my horn while driving and I am always in line with the person who doesn't have a bar code for an item. It takes an enormous amount for me to get impatient, especially with my children.

I don't mind bodily fluids, specifically, vomit. I've experienced it alot in my short span of motherhood. There is one bodily fluid, however, that sends me over the edge...POOP!

My limit has expired for potty training. I thought it would be quick with Eloise, but she is only interested when it suits her or I ask. I need to take a complete break from it and revisit it later. Two days in a row, she has touched her poop in the potty. I can only imagine what she touched before I had a chance to get to her.

This is what we rehearsed tonight (it's a little dark)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

quotes of note

I went to get coffee ground at Starbuck's.
eloise: "It's decaf.....americano"
arriving at the window:
eloise: "she's going to get me a cookie"
I'm glad my daughter will remember my drink of choice so that when her dad takes her there to surprise me with a cup, she'll know exactly what I want.

After a trip to the potty.
Eloise: "I had a HUGE poop mom"
flushing the toilet
"oh, oh, there goes my poop. mom, where did my poop go?"

Tonight while Dave and Eloise were playing on the floor, I hear this from the kitchen
eloise: "okay, how about we do this? I jump on daddy"
dave: writhing in pain after two small knees are driven deep into his back

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've been tagged... Cutzi

4 Jobs I've had

  1. Lifeguard - High School: First Job. I broke my foot running during a shift where the rental group never showed. I was trying to show off and see how far I could jump into the pool. I had a HUGE crush on this boy named Jon. I slipped and pulled a bone out of my left foot. (not bloody, just protruding under the skin) My dad had to come pick me up in my swimsuit and take me to the emergency room. A week later I had surgery to insert two screws and I was on crutches for a month and then had to wear this funny looking shoe/boot thing for another month. I had this job for about 2 years.
  2. Victoria's Secret - ahhh, this one got some interesting looks from boys in college. I actually asked out the boy who worked at the Disc Jokey store across from VS on a business card from VS. BIG MISTAKE. He was more interesting when I was dreaming about him from across the way. I worked here on and off for 4 years.
  3. The INN University Ministries: I LOVED this and don't really consider it a job. I was an intern for a year and spent another year on Sr. Staff. I learned so much about myself and discovered/developed gifts the Lord has given me. I also met Dave during this time while the INN was holding a retreat at the Firs. I met so many fabulous women who are VERY dear to me as not just friends but sisters.
  4. J. Crew - I was a sales associate for 2 months and worked up to assistant manager. This was a short stint, but SO miserable. I was newly engaged, planning a wedding at a distance, starting birth control (which made me cookoo), got married, planned a move to Portland which meant leaving behind my dearest friends, and was learning to be a new wife. I had a HORRIBLE manager who was mean, deceiving and ruthless. I was only there for 9 months and it was the LONGEST 9 months ever.

4 movies you would watch over and over again
I don't like movies b/c it hurts my eyes too bad and I get a horrible headache, but at home I'll watch them occasionally.
  1. Hoosiers (hands down, the favorite)
  2. Sabrina (new one with Harrison Ford)
  3. A Few Good Men
  4. Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation (gets me every time)
4 places I have lived
  1. Puyallup, Wash
  2. Portland, Ore
  3. Bellingham, Wash
  4. Pullman, Wash
4 People who e-mail daily
They aren't friends, just solicitors to my Hotmail junk box
  1. pharmaceuticals
  2. Viagara
  3. Porn
  4. retail establishments
4 places I would rather be
  1. Bellingham, Wash (this one is for Willow)
  2. On a sandy, warm beach in a cute swim suit that covers my stretch marks (it's 20 degrees outside)
  3. Austria
  4. shopping at Nordstrom (I'm really hoping you all get this one)
4 things I'm looking forward to this year
  1. Reaching my goal weight
  2. first camping trip with the family
  3. a weekend at home with Dave while my mom is watching the kids at her house
  4. a Van (?)

Monday, January 21, 2008

6 years

January 19, 2007 - Dave and Kate - 6 year wedding anniversary

We celebrated with a night out to dinner. It was so relaxing and quiet.

A look back at the day (dave looks like a deer in headlights in the last one):

I'm new to scanning - they are a bit lopsided.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

leftover baby

Despite my best effort to lose the baby weight, I still look pregnant to my 2 yr old. (BTW - when I'm pregnant, I gain ALL of my weight in my belly, so I'm not surprised by this)

Eloise staring intently at my stomach:
Eloise:"Mama, is that your baby?"
me: "no, that's my tummy. I don't have a baby"
Eloise: "mrs. gibby has a baby in her belly" (mrs. gibby is 9 months pregnant - as of yesterday)

I joined the gym today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's in a name?

I have this hobby that is, surprisingly, turning into a home business. When I started Weight Watchers just after Lily was born, Dave and I made a family eating change that we wanted to last forever. That meant overhauling all of our dinners and replacing them with tasty healthy alternatives.

A few months into this lifestyle change, I was walking with my pediatrician friend who had just had her second baby and joined WW. In casual conversation, she asked if I would ever return to work. I said that I would want to do something that allowed me to stay at home, possibly cooking healthy meals for families that didn't know how to cook or didn't have enough time. There the hobby began.

She hates to cook and has little time with her profession and two kids. I cook 4 meals a week, 3 frozen and 1 fresh. I deliver them on Sunday's and include a list of meal instructions. All meals work well within the WW system which helps her to stay on plan. (and me too)

Now I am cooking for another woman and her husband who like to cook but have difficulty getting creative with low-fat, low-calorie meals.

I'm getting my business license soon and I need a name. Any suggestions??? I'm lacking in creativity.

Friday, January 11, 2008

to laugh or cry

this was too hilarious to me and I had to put it on for the family.

Messy Art Class

We signed up for an Art class at our local community center. It's a 5 week class with 5 different art stations. Her favorite, finger painting and mural painting.

Her partner in crime Will

mural painting

Sunday, January 6, 2008

How tall will your child be?

Eloise has always been well above the growth charts. (125th %) And if this holds true, she will be 5'11'' at age 18!!!! I'm curious to know how tall Lily will be. (she is 95% for height at 10 months - this has decreased from 100% at 7)

Friday, January 4, 2008

We have a cleaning lady!

It's Eloise! She has a slight obsession with kid sized brooms.

I've been on a search for a broom and have come up empty until today. We went to Target and all gifts for kids were 30% off (the leftover holiday ones). They had a cleaning kit with a broom, wet jet swiffer, dust pan, spray bottle, window cleaner and a bowl! And it was only $10!!!

The moment we got home she tore open the box and found the broom. She would have gone to bed with it tonight if I let her. Together we cleaned the kitchen and sweep the floor. We have started a penny jar for her to earn pennies to throw in the pond at our local mall. She got 3 pennies tonight and was so impressed with her cleaning skills. Oh, she also helped me make cupcakes.

People, I have a girl! I have two...but I now have a toddler girl who loves to do girl chores. I can't wait to have a helper around.

(the new cleaning arrangement)

Next project: Little apron (a cute, trendy pattern like this one, how cute is that!!!)