Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Lily

I promise I haven't forgotten about my two other children.  Nothing major holding me back from doing it.  Just work, a garage that seems to be accumulating clutter that needs to be sold or given away and a bed filled with laundry from nights with soaked sheets.  The times where it just doesn't feel like it will ever be clean enough or organized enough.  But through it all there is one little girl that reminds me to have joy.  Lily.

Oh sweet Lily.  She is our fun loving, party starting, crazy hugging, sweet lovin' girl.  This child came into our lives as a surprise and we knew the moment we heard of her impending arrival that she was our grace.  And her middle name will always be our reminder.

Lily is 4 yrs old.  She currently has no aspirations for academics.  That education stuff is left to her big sister.  She wants to bounce around and swing as high as her little legs can pump her.

She loves all fruits and veggies and has no fear of trying whatever is set in front of her.  Her only strong dislike is bananas.  Her favorite fruit of the moment is strawberries.  She eagerly waits by the strawberry patch in the backyard to see her beloved fruit turn scarlet.  She has been known to have arguments with her daddy about who can eat the strawberries in the garden.  Her favorite bucket of peas has been planted and she tenderly calls them "sweet peas".

Lily loves to hug.  She is our most affectionate child.  If you're not up for cuddling she find a way to make you cuddle.  It feels as though she is my baby kangaroo waiting for her mama to open up her pouch so she can climb right in.

We often call her bruiser.  She's pretty rough with the rest of us.  It's not uncommon to hear someone crying and know it's Lily who has been the aggressor.  It's 80% unintentional.  She just doesn't know her own strength.  The other 20% is sheer aggression.  This could be the asthma medicine talking.

She is our joy and our sharpening tool all at the same time, but we wouldn't have it any other way.