Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorite Link Friday - ways to induce labor

I'm still here prego. Doing okay though. Dave is about to lose it, which doesn't really make sense to me, but hey, we're entitled to how we feel, right? So I thought it would be funny to look at labor inducing techniques and what the experts say plus a few other funny things.

*First let's try laughter. This site may get a few laughs. Not sure if this is a proven method though.

*Here's a list of natural ways to induce labor. Of course, it's a guessing game as to which one will work.

Okay, I could only search so long. Here's some other random links:

*Cute printable grocery lists.

*Happy tickets - great discipline technique.

*A great post of being here and now. (very good for our time in life right now)

*Crispy Vanilla Peanut Squares. Yum!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still here

So the due date is here but the baby is not. I'm okay with that.

The heat is crazy here. It was 106 today. We decided to head to IKEA for dinner and playtime. It's a great place for kids to unwind and play and then get ice cream cones at the end. Then we headed over to a friends house to swim. It was refreshing and a good distraction from trying to pass the time until this little boy arrives.

That's where our little family is at. Just waiting and hanging out enjoying our family of four until we become a family of five.

I'll keep you all posted when the first sign of labor begins.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perfect Timing

Alot of conversation in my life these days revolves around timing.

"Due in the hottest week of the year? How's that for timing?"

"Dave lost his job last week? That's not great timing?"

"Summer baby? That's a tough one."

I am not in the least offended by any of these comments. I understand that people say things, I say things and it's not always the best for the situation but I know that they don't mean ill will, they simply want something better for me and I can appreciate that.

But it did make me think more intently about the timing of everything. As I've mentioned before, Dave and I believe that the Lord is in control of our lives and the timing of these events in our life. And that means He knew way back in October when this little baby was conceived that we would be here today. We would be anxiously awaiting his arrival during the hottest summer days. We would also be dealing with the loss of a job that we loved not only b/c of the income it provided but the people Dave had the privilege to interact with. The Lord knew it all and He hasn't left us here to defend for ourselves.

We have been blessed by the love, kindness and compassion of friends who contribute to our lives through prayer, meals, and financial blessing. And we have been blessed with a house that has AC! When it's 104 outside, we may be bored inside, but at least we are cool.

So although the timing may not be great, we know it's perfect. It's perfect b/c God designed it this way and we eagerly look forward to when this little one will arrive and when and where Dave will work.

So for now...pray for that perfect timing of birth. We are eager for him to arrive.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Favorite Link Friday - baby edition

My favorite things for baby. This is also for my friends who are prego first time mama's. Enjoy!

*The Miracle Blanket - I love to swaddle and this really is the best.

*My little Pouch - by Kangaroo Korner. We have the swim one and it helps during the warm summer months.

*The best stroller ever for the infant months. Love this. So lightweight.

*Best Diaper Bag - I'm a huge fan of only taking one bag with me and this one attaches to the stroller and when it topples off my front seat everything doesn't go flying out.

*My absolute favorite post-birth drink - Odwalla Superfood. It's the best. I have no idea why I love it so much.

*And this is what I would like someone to make for me as my post-birth dessert :) hint, hint.

What are your favorite baby things?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adjusting to a new life

Change and I are not good friends. Routine and I, BFF's. I thrive on the idea of routine and order. When you add in a change to my life that is drastic, I go a bit loopy.

Like a job change. Dave and I have had a great schedule for 4 years. I do morning and nighttime and he is home during the day. The girls get the best time with him and it leaves just a few hours a day for me on my own.

On the weekends when dad is home, the girls usually are a bit out of control. It's fun to have dad at dinner and bedtime so it makes sense that they would be a little crazy. Transfer this to the last 4 days, both Dave and I recognized the need to explain to the girls why dad would now be home in the evening. They seemed to get it and we hope to pray together as a family about daddy's job.

I knew this might be an adjustment for them but I didn't expect it to be an adjustment for me. I have loved my evenings alone for the past 4 years. I put the girls to bed, clean up the house and sit down to watch my shows while I'm online. Now I have to fight someone for both. I have to choose what I want now--computer or TV. This is a bit much. I'm almost tempted to figure out ways for him to do something in the evening just so I can get my time back :)

So we have now entered into the life of every other couple in America. The fight over the remote and what's on TV. This is going to be a fun ride I'm sure.

On a side note: We are taking our time to breath deep, get our ducks in a row financially, and prepare for a new baby. Dave is wise and a great leader and he is eager to see the way in which the Lord will lead him in this next phase of job hunting. I know we have great things in store. Thank you all for your compassion, love and kindness. It's encouraging and incredibly humbling.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the sweet moments

Picking Strawberries

Catching our little sneaker eating all the strawberries

4th of July swimming (Eloise is about to get clubbed with the noodle)

Fireworks --which Lily had no fear of and wanted to touch the sparkler
Pop-it's, the favorite

Eloise fell asleep in the birth tub
(I realize this is really weird and she may be one
of the few her age who even know what a birth tub is)

38 weeks -- Ginormous!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Curve ball

We were thrown a curve ball on the job front.

Dave found out tonight that they cut the positions to 16 meaning he's out of a job starting Monday.

I don't think this would be as big of a shock if we had not found out Monday that he was in for another month. So we are at a loss for words to describe our emotions.

Thanks to many friends and family for messages and words of encouragement. They mean more than you know.

I have some really cute pics of the girls and me. I'm planning on posting them tomorrow sometime.

So I'm taking the week off from linking. Just don't have that much energy at the moment. But thanks for loving it every week. It makes me smile :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why the dislike of newborns?

I know I've mentioned it here before that I'm not a huge fan of newborns. People have asked me why and I figure I should explain.

First, It's not as though I don't love my little newborns. They are sweet and I'm glad they are mine. But when a baby comes into the room with their mama, my arms don't leap to hold them. In fact, something happens where I try to avoid them. I really can't say why.

Second, I'm a creature of habit and we all know that newborns are not. Or at least mine aren't. I love that my day is predictable. I know when my children nap and how long they will nap. Newborns throw me for a curve ball and I don't always do well with that.

Third, sleep, or the lack there of. I know that it's going to take a while to teach my children to sleep through the night. And my children have to be taught. I have yet to be blessed with that type of child that naturally falls into a perfect sleep habit. The statement, "my children just started sleeping through the night at 1 week old" doesn't happen in my house.

Maybe this round I'll enjoy my newborn more, who knows?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Job update

The good news: Dave found out tonight that there are 18 people scheduled to move with his companies merger. He is number 18! Yay!

The bad news: One of the women on the list is out for cancer treatment. She will return mid-August meaning that he bumps to #19 and will be out of a job.

The optimist view: Alot of things can happen in a month. Jobs open up and for now we are so thankful that the Lord has provided yet another month of income, especially amidst the birth of a new baby.

It will be an exciting month of many changes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the end of pregnancy

It always amazes me the questions and looks pregnant women get right before they give birth.

There is the, "Oh my, you must be due any day now. How long do you have?" 2 weeks. "You must be so ready to have this baby then". Frankly, no. I'm aware of what's coming...a newborn.

Then there is the phone calls. This happens mostly with my mother. If I call twice in a row without her answering, I guarantee the first call back will start with this, "Are you in labor?" No mom, just asking about a recipe.

This is my favorite. "You must be having a boy." This drives me crazy for some reason. Probably b/c I didn't know with my first two and I just don't want to give people the satisfaction of being right. Purely my own issue.

Then the looks. I never knew one person could gain so much pity just by putting on an extra 30+ (we won't give the real number here) around their mid-section. It's almost as if they think I don't know it's there. "Are you aware of that ball underneath your shirt?" Yes, I'm aware and I know how it's going to have to come out too.

A picture will follow soon. Almost 38 weeks!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Here's a few good reads and some chocolate recipes.

*Funny, funny read - Short Stop

*Very good article about not being the mother we want to be, especially if you have multiple children.

*A craft project for those ready to tackle one.


*S'more brownies

Enjoy the sun and summer of July.

Monday, July 6, 2009


The 4th of July was so much fun. We enjoyed great friends, food, and family. The girls swam the day away and were way more excited about their glow sticks than all the fireworks. It was, by far, one of the best 4th's we have had in a long time.

While the 4th was fun, it provided a great distraction from other events happening in our life currently. As of 2 weeks ago we found out that Dave has a chance of losing his job on the 17th of this month. For those tracking the timing, that means 10 days before giving birth to our 3rd child. And by chance, I mean about 80%. We're praying right now that we land somewhere in the 20% range.

When I first heard, my emotions went a bit crazy. I'm not an emotional person, so crying makes me really uncomfortable. But this particular evening, I sat with my kids and allowed the tears to flow. I knew we were not alone in this situation as many, many people are experiencing lay offs these days. But it was my children and their provision that weighed so heavily on me.

After my emotional evening I started to think a bit clearer. As a family who serves the Lord we know that He is sovereign over all things. We know that He has not left us nor forgotten us in the midst of our pain. What is difficult to understand, at times, is that He is good, is incredibly loving despite our circumstances, and has a deep, deep love for us. I recognize for some this is not a struggle, but for me, it is.

I am encouraged by this family who lost their child and despite their immense pain is still praising God for His love for them and His goodness. I love their dependance on scripture and their open eyes to see the blessings, such as the impending arrival of their second child.

I love this post (from a previous favorite link Friday) about understanding the goodness of God, again, despite incredible amounts of pain. I love her quote:

"But He does not protect us from the living of the bad dreams and from feeling we are lost. He whispers to us through our pain that there is a life beyond the present suffering. He sits silently with us in our anguish--in the nightmares so real and heavy and terrifying, the ones that we cannot escape or blink away. He reminds us that the seemingly endless grief is but a moment that will fade in the vast expanse of the Life to come."

So I'm sitting here tonight remembering that God loves me and will sit with me in pain. He loves my family and He knows what lies ahead. He is neither surprised nor is He unprepared to help us walk through the suffering. He never promise's to deliver us from suffering but to walk thru it with us. I have peace. Dave has peace. We will wait and see what He has planned.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Favorite Link Friday - 4th of July Treats

I'm looking for a good dessert to try this weekend. I may pick one of just never know!

*Ice cream cupcakes - delish!

*Strawberries - cute and very easy

*I want someone to make this spritzer for me right now. Sounds really refreshing.

*A new take on smores

*An easy tart with in-season fruit

*And then there is always the beautiful Flag cake.

*A good list of kids ones

Have a great safe, fire free, weekend! Happy Independence Day!!!