Sunday, November 4, 2007

top 10

Randomonium: I'm borrowing this great idea from Jodi via Cutzi. Here are some thoughts milling around my mind for a while

1. I'm loving bible study this fall. My friend and mentor Jody Mayhew has been teaching on Hebrews. Hebrews 3 has been the best. And if you want to, you can listen to it online. Listen to the first and second section of Hebrews 3, it will blow you away. my favorite thoughts:
"In the day of trial in the wilderness, what he said he will be, he will be. You can ask for help in the midst of trial, but DO NOT TEST! He is who he says he is, regardless of suffering".

2. Eloise is potty training and today she went poo on the potty. I'm dragging my feet. She is asking me to go potty, loves her potty treats and loves wearing big girls panties. She is ready, I'm not. This is the first child rearing activity that I have played no part in controlling. I have not read ONE book on this subject and people who know me, know that is an accomplishment. Jenny L. - You are right, they do train themselves. Wise words from a mom of 4.

3. I'm working on a project with Jody that is rocking my world as a mom. I can't go into it now, but let's just say that the Lord is asking me to walk a path that is difficult to walk as a mom, but I'm being obedient to the call and taking the risk.

4. We had a women's day of prayer 2 weeks ago for all the women at Montavilla. I went for a friend, for time away, and to meet with other women. What I got was alot of words from the Lord.

5. okay, to lighten up. I want a Honda odyssey van. I'm obsessed with it. I cannot wait to sell the Volvo and get this van. I look on craigslist daily, refuse to spend money on worthless things, and dream about life with a van (no more conking my kids heads when I put them in their carseats, I can nurse in the car, change diapers, ahhhhh....bliss) And I NEVER wanted to drive a van. Now I can hardly wait!

6. My last 6 lbs of weight is taking FOREVER to come off, but it's my fault. I need to get back on plan. Two more holiday hurdles to jump.

7. I'm obsessed with Sugar Free/Fat Free pudding. I eat way to much of it, but it's my nightly treat with lite whipped cream. We ran out yesterday and our new budget month started today so tomorrow is the day to stock up.

8. Eloise is in a "I do myself" stage and it's hard to not take it personal or feel like she is being defiant. I firmly believe in raising independent children. If it takes a little longer for us to get dressed, then so be it.

9. My favorite drink at Starbucks (right now) is a half decaf drip coffee with carmel syrup and room for cream. LOVE IT! (half-decaf b/c full caffeine makes me crazy)

10. I lied to dave this morning. I made half - decaf coffee and when he asked if it was "his" (full caffeine), I told him yes. I didn't want to make another pot and I knew he would whine about it all day if I made him drink mine.

this concludes the top 10 random thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I love that "refusing to spend money on worthless things" does not include Starbucks! I am with you, though i am waiting to splurge for the unveiling of the Eggnog Latte season! Almost here!!

kate said...

That's why I'm only getting a drip coffee. $1.75. Can't beat that. Plus, I went to buying a lb of decaf there so I wouldn't buy it, saves me lots of money.

Unknown said...

I've just started a bible study small group. There are 4 couples and me, can't get dh to go, which makes me sad, and I bring Harrison and there is another boy his age, so that takes away from the focus too. I just hope and pray I can get enough out of it without focusing on those two things. Why am I posting this on your blog? I have no idea, just suddenly felt like sharing that.

kate said...

christa - so glad, you can post anytime

Anonymous said...

Kate...can I just say that even though I don't know you IRL...I love ya girl! You are such a beautiful person! I feel myself wanting to post a comment on EVERY one of your entries. I will refrain...I promise! But I just think so very highly of you!

(: Shelby