Wednesday, February 27, 2008

De-cluttering and Organizing

I'm trying this new thing. Eliminating clutter from my life. I'm pretty good at managing material items in my life. Ask anyone who has ever done a garage sale with me. I LOVE to get rid of things. However, I'm not so good at this with tasks. I enjoy producing and getting a result. I love the idea of checking items of my list and feeling a sense of accomplishment. It's the best feeling.

Yesterday I realized that I complain alot about how busy I am. I listen to my mom saying the same thing and it drives me nuts. We are all busy in our own way and as mothers we all have something going on. Yet, we all have a decision about what things we choose to be busy in.

While stressing out and becoming anxious over something I really wanted to do, as opposed to needing to do, I realized that I wasn't having fun anymore. I was working ALL the time. On something, anything. When my daughter asks me to play and to take off my apron and roll down my sleeves....hmmm...something has to be put into check.

So of course, I have a plan of action.

First, stop watching TV aimlessly at night. I enjoy TV but really only watch two shows. Mondays, Jon and Kate +8. Thursdays, Lost. I kind of wish the writer's strike would continue b/c Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty will be returning soon (darn it!). Regardless, my goal is to enjoy the nights I'm not watching TV. To do my bible study (this is the top priority) and to catch up on the things that are overwhelming me throughout the day in hopes that I'll stop fretting about them during the day.

Second, pick a day where I do all the fun things I've wanted to do all week. WITHOUT KIDS. For example, shopping. I love to shop, love it! So on Saturday or Sunday, take 2 hours and only do fun errands. Not grocery shopping, not even Target (which is the best) but places I always want to go but can't take the girls.

Third, make a 6 month to do list. There are always those big projects we want to do that require a bit more time. Cleaning up the yard, planting the garden, cleaning the garage, painting and decorating the girl's room, etc. (I guess I've just made my list) I want to do this so that every time I walk into the garage I don't think to myself, "Darn it, I have to organize the garage", and instantly become overwhelmed.

Fourth, ASK FOR HELP! I'm horrible at this. I need to lean on my husband and allow him to help me. Also asking friends.

So I'm not quite sure how this is going to work out, but I'm hoping it will free up my mind to focus on more appropriate things like playing with my kids, going to the library and park and enjoying life instead of letting it pass me by being busy. I'm hoping my mom and I can work on this together.


RachelC said...

Sound like a great plan Kate. Wish I could be there to help you out (and go shopping with you!)

Kate said...

You and I are on the SAME wavelength sista! I sent you an email tonight, but check out VERY cool calendar and grocery list feature. It's free and you can have your day's appts and/or grocery list sent to you via text. Love you!