Saturday, August 15, 2009

processing labor

Now that I've had 3 days to step away from the crazy intense labor I had, I've been able to remember details that I didn't recall immediately.

**I heard this at one point around 1 p.m. or so and it stands out as the most random exchange ever.
my mom: It's time to make some guacamole
Angela: How do you just whip up guacamole?

**Ellie, my midwife, told me at one point my mom was getting nervous so she decided to make a pizza. It seems there is a trend to what my mom does to get rid of her anxiety.

**I went through transition TWICE. Yes, TWICE. Once with an anterior baby and once with a posterior baby. I prefer anterior and believe that labor would have been much easier if he would have taken that route.

**This little guy decided to flip to anterior right before coming out. Ellie had only seen that once before and Heather, my other midwife, had never seen it. He really did move constantly inside me and proceeded to follow suite upon entering the world.

**I sobbed the moment my girls walked in. It was the most precious moment ever and I knew they would fall in love with their little brother the moment they saw him. Eloise was a bit overwhelmed but kissed him all over. Lily kept posing for all the camera's and paid little attention to Sam.

There's more I'm sure, but I wanted to get these down before I forgot. Pictures will come soon.


Shelby said...

I could tell, Kate, that you were crying when the girls came in. They looked so 'taken' by him. How sweet that must have been! Good memories! Glad you got lots of pics!

Katie said...

Just great shots! I love the girls looking at him, its so very sweet.