Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas activities

One of the best things we did this Christmas was re-enact the birth of baby Jesus.  I saw the idea over at Impress Your Kids and we had a little time to spare before we went out one evening, so we went with it.

Eloise was Mary, post birth, in the stable.  Lily was pregnant Mary, on the journey to Bethlehem.  Sam was a stragler.  Here's how their story went. 

Both Mary's prepared for the journey, pictures before leaving.
 They managed to lay down and get some rest before leaving.
 Then they began the journey to Bethlehem,
 on the path Lily created with all the pillows and blankets.
 They arrived at the stable, animals watching,
 where Mary gave birth to baby Jesus. (sorry for the blurry picture)
 Then she laid him in the manger.
 And Sam just looked cute the entire time.
 It was a really fun way for us to bring the story to a level where they could understand it more.  Next year the girls told us that mom and dad would be Mary and Joseph and Sam will be baby Jesus.  Eloise and Lily will be playing the part of the angels. 


Kim said...

Have you considered watching The Nativity Story with them? Some of it will be over their head but does show the journey to the Birth. We started the tradition of watching it on Christmas Eve when the movie came out on DVD. My kids are old enough to soak more in now.

amanda said...

lily's face in that first picture cracks me up!!

so sweet friend! hope the holiday break has been truly magical :)