Thursday, May 5, 2011


Tonight, we go to Eloise's Kindergarten round-up.  It's a night where we get to meet teachers, look at the school and get an idea of what may lie ahead in the next year.

Those who have gone before me know that it will be a little emotional but will pass.  I can see that on the other side, but it's transition and I LOVE transition (insert sarcasm).

I've talked with the Lord alot about what His plan is for schooling our children.  I've explored homeschooling, looked at charters and had dreams about private (too expensive).  With each option, the Lord has clearly checked off each one and we've ended up with public and our local school. 

Now this comes with some hesitation.  First, the surface hesitations.  It's not in the best neighborhood and it doesn't LOOK the best.  Second, the deep hesitations.  What kind of things will she come in contact with?  Will people be mean to her?  How will she handle confrontation or getting her feelings hurt?  These deep hesitations or worries I have can happen anywhere.  They can happen in the best of the best schools and 4 pretty walls surrounding her will not prevent any of that from happening. 

Eloise is a driven girl, she will excel anywhere she goes.  I can teach her whatever she needs to be taught.  It's not really about education.  So then, as a family, I'm left asking - are we supposed to be in that school to love people?  To serve where there are needs that need to be met?  To show support to teachers, to help children who don't have a steady home life, to be a light where there needs to be light?  I can't help but know deep down that THAT is why we are headed in that direction.

So I look forward to Kindergarten round-up and I look back at this last year with thanks. Thanks to the Lord for helping me make the decision to not send Eloise to pre-school.  I have loved the time I've had to keep all three of them at home without any commitments.  I love that in a rare beautiful Spring day, they get to make mud pies and play fairy soccer until their hearts are content. 

And he just likes to push things around, including his sister's doll stroller.  
Oh the life of a little boy with only sister's.


Shelby said...

You are right, Mama! Kate will flourish AND help be the 'salt and light' wheverEVER she schools! You are such a wonderful momma! One that I really admire and look up to! Hugs and I hope the Kinder round-up goes fantastically!!!

Love Shelby

Shelby said...

LOLLL....that would be ELOISE...not Kate! I have about 20 wild children screaming around me at the Mac Donald's play area!

anne said...

Kate, I LOVE this! As a teacher in our public school system, I so appreciated the parents who love Jesus and desire to share that light where there is often very little. Be encouraged and know that God will use your family! So impressed by your heart.

Praying that the Lord would bring you a staff member who loves Jesus!

Cutzi said...

Hi dear Kate...

While one part of me wants to just read this post and hold my thoughts to myself, the other part of me feels my chest tighten and a lump form in my throat. I don't want to be the person that just tickles someone's ears and only comments when I agree. And since you sent it out into blogland I'll assume you want some feedback. It's so hard to know what to say, so without wanting to sound like a broken record I'll just ask if you ever got a chance or were able to listen to those Voddie Baucham audio files I sent you? I feel such an urgency to get them in the hands of Christian parents.

I really believe, in this area of schooling, we are faced with a lot of deception. You're right - it absolutely is not about education. It is about our childrens' souls. It is about forming such a firm foundation in them when they are young that they will be able to be saltier and shine more brightly when they are adults. I don't believe the salt and light verse applies to our children. I do believe that public education challenges the very foundation of our faith - the foundation that God alone is the creator of EVERY created thing, all knowledge and wisdom, all education, all morality and ethics, all science, art and literature. If we do not present these things to our children with a Biblical worldview then we put them in danger of believing they are separate and that knowledge and faith do not go hand in hand.

Voddie brings up so many worthwhile points - I'll try and send it again if you're interested.

aimee said...

Yay Eloise!!!! We are SO excited for her, she is going to LOVE school!! We are right there with you...public school 2012 here we come. The good, the bad, and the ugly- we are in it 100%. And pretty stoked, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Kate- You are an amazing mama and public school is going to be just fine!! You and Dave are involved parents and in tune with your child. GOD is good even in public has served our children well and the supplements from home make sure her foundation is strong. It is a mission field and gives you lots of people to impact and love. You and your family will make a huge difference in many other families lives. Im very proud of you and believe me it keeps you on your knees :) Also know, if it doesnt work for one of your children at some point, you can adapt and change plans!

Stacey said...

Kate, thank you for your post! As a public schooling mama I am encouraged because this is the exact same way that the Lord called us.

Cutzi, I hear your heart. I believe that you are sincere in your interest to help, but please don't assume that God works the same way in every person's life.

Our God intimately knows each of us and our situations. He has not called us all to move to Africa to be missionaries, but he has called some. He has not called us all to send our kids to public school, but he has called some. Can you imagine what our schools would be like if Christians were entirely absent? I assure you that this is not His desire.

The reason that I am walking with our Savior this very day is because I was privileged to be known and loved by a dear Christian family from my public school. Seeing her and her family on a daily basis is what moved my heart at a young age. And wow, how the Lord works! Each of my siblings AND my parents have come to know they Lord...and it all began from a relationship founded in public school.

Chris and I wrestled with this decision, on how to school Malia for the better part of a year. It was not taken lightly. With all of the options, we chose to fully immerse ourselves in our community and enroll Malia in public school. We choose to walk to the bus stop with other parents in the morning and hear about their lives. We choose to be part of science fairs, attend board meetings, and teach Malia that she IS indeed called to love all those that she meets. We fervently pray that our family can direct others to our Lord. I am part of a Mom's in Touch group that gathers together to pray over our teachers, staff and students. Our God is not limited by the four walls that are labeled "Public School." That my friend, is where mountains will be moved.

I do not expect you to understand this call, because it is not what He has put on your heart. The Lord has called you to homeschool, so thank you for being obedient. However, for the time being, this IS where he wants Sweet Eloise and Malia. It is not a second rate plan because homeschooling would be too hard, it is not plan B because private school was too expensive. It IS what He is asking of us. And as parents we will walk cheerfully and obediently into what He has called us.

Unknown said...

Hello, I am posting this on my wife's Blog as a response to Cutzi's comments.

Cutzi, while I respect that you have an opinion, you are wrong or off center on a number of your points:

Firstly, lets address the Salt and light issue. While you don't believe salt and light applies to children, Scripture, gives the command to ALL believers. If a six year old has made a commitment to Jesus, they are given the same promises and gifts given to all other believers. Jesus himself says "I praise you, Father...because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children."(MT 11:25)
Children have an incredible ability to be Salt and Light to each other, more so, often, than adults.

Secondly, I agree with you that secular education challenges the foundations of our faith. That is not something to shy away from, but rather have faith strengthened through that challenge. If we do not have opportunity to have our faith challenged, we never get passed a childish, selfish, weak faith. Only after being witness to the power and faithfulness of God are we able to stand firm as “mature and complete” believers “not lacking anything”(Ja 1:4).

Thirdly, I agree that we ought to teach our children a biblical worldview. There is not one way of doing this, nor should there be. Each child is different. If one of my children learned more about God through a homeschool setting, then we would pursue that. However, if they learned better through the challenges of being “…in the world,” but “not wag(ing) war as the world does.”(2Cor10:3), by being in the public school system, there is no doubt in my mind that we will go that direction.

Lastly, I would like to make the point that I do not want to enter the debate of how to raise anyone’s children. I personally know parents who have been led by the Spirit to homeschool their children, and ones led to put there kids in public school. Where children go to school is not the issue…Obedience to God is the issue. If you do not adhere to the leading of the Spirit because you don’t want to homeschool your kids, you are in sin. However, if you are not obedient to God’s leading because you are afraid of what may happen to your children, that too is sin.
If there is one thing I know personally, it’s that my God is powerful, just, loving, and faithful. My God is the same God, who blessed Abraham, saved the Israelites out of Egypt, gave Elijah power, and sent his One and only Son to save the world from sin and death. He is a God worthy of my obedience, and so, I obey.

Kate said...

God is everywhere. You children will encounter challenges to their faith everywhere. L's faith was strengthened, NOT weakened by the little girl in Kindergarten who told her that God did not exist and that she could not have a daddy in heaven. I was happy that she learned how to respond to those challenges at 5, rather than waiting to encounter it at 18. Eloise will rock the house. You and Dave have provided such an awesome foundation for your kids and this upcoming year will be evidence of that. I love you.

Bekah said...

Thank you to each one who commented and shared their heart on the matter of educating their kids. Our oldest is just finishing kindergarten at our local public school, and he has thrived, mentally, spiritually, and socially. And even though we don't homeschool, his education doesn't end the moment he steps off the bus. I really appreciate Stacey's comments on being involved with the community. We have not done this, but I think that is the direction we need to move.

I have really appreciated meeting parents, mostly through our church, that educate their children in a wide variety of ways. God does not call us all to the same methods of parenting or of educating our kids. And just because we start down one path, doesn't mean things won't change in the future. We need to be devoted to obedience to the Lord, not to any particular method.

Cutzi said...

Kate - this is just a little sample of what I sent you. Voddie's teaching completely transformed our thinking on this subject and directed us toward compelling Biblical reasons to homeschool. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just making a decision based on my feelings - I knew if I looked, that scripture would address this most important topic. I believe Voddie does an outstanding job of directing us toward the appropriate scripture.

aimee said...

Let it go, Cutzi. Kate and Dave have spoken, you are at the point of disrespect now.

Mark and Amy Wiersma said...

oh Kate, you are such a beautiful, incredible mom. it has been incredible to watch you walk into and now absolutely flourish in this 'position.' love you guys lots!!! and know you will be such a huge blessing to MANY kids' lives in that school.

amanda said...

oh honey! i just came to say hi and give you a high five on making such a big decision - but now i just want to give you a big hug after reading all the comments!!

i am without words - just hugs!!

ps - and still lots of high fives :)


Anonymous said...

Voddie is also the same person who sugest that Palin would be a good idea ( I think this discredits Cutzi.