Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I know about Pregnancy #3

Here's a few things I thought I should note about the 3rd pregnancy.

*It's never happening again. I had said that with Lily, but I had doubt lingering. There is no doubt this time. Unless, of course, the Lord plans otherwise.

*I'm not going to be within the recommended weight gain. I've gained 45 lbs with both girls and I have a feeling this one will be the same, maybe more if I can't stop making cinnamon bread.

*My body is done giving up itself to grow another human being. Especially when it's chasing the other two around the house.

*My thighs are starting to grow, that's never a good sign.

*I'm getting varicose veins behind my left knee and it's not pretty. I'm not a huge fan of shorts, but this just added one more reason not wear them.

*I'm savoring the kicks knowing that this will be my last time feeling them.

*I'm almost 27 weeks and sleeping is difficult. 13 more weeks + 9 months of a newborn. Looks like I'm not sleeping for the next year.

*I love having a belly. It hides what is really underneath. So I'm enjoying all the tighter shirts I get to wear.

*I am thankful and blessed to be having a 3rd baby. I know it's going to be great fun.


Shelby said...

Enjoy! You are making me miss it! Even those painful spider veins that still haven't gone away.

Brenda L said...

I agree with everything you said Kate.

rebecca said...

Those precious kicks are something I definitely want to feel again.....but not for a few more months. Oh please.

Anonymous said...

When i read this, I hear your fun but it makes me miss you and once again wish you were my neighbor/ Baby 3 is amazing and those varicose veins stink but hey life goes on. Im with you on shorts-dont like them but hooray for capris:) We would love to come to Portland early summer...any chance we can hook up and see you for a day??? MISS YOU Love, Jenny

PS Phone date needed