Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24 weeks

I'm pretty much 24 weeks. The little naked baby on the side might not say so yet, but I am.

So apparently in the 23rd week this baby decided he needed to grow considerable. Making two things difficult--sleeping and bending over. Gardening was a huge success this weekend that was accompanied by intense back pain and the realization that the summer will not be those grand visions of me playing with the girls in the backyard in a cute maternity swimsuit. I picture more laying in the shade with my belly and my feet 8 times the size that they should be. Hopefully I'll have a deliciously cold smoothie in my hand.

I'm craving every type of Asian food possible. Peanut sauce seems to be at the top of the list. I just can't get enough. I'm figuring it's the salt. Gummies are still up there as well. But I know sugar just makes for a fat baby so I'm avoiding that as much as I can.

Lily went with me to my last appointment. She sat on my lap while they listened to the heartbeat and felt around my belly. When they turned on the Doppler she just looked crossly at my midwife and said, "That's really loud". She also learned how to push as hard as she can on my belly after watching my midwife. I think she is in denial that there is another baby coming that will take away her #1 spot on her mama's lap. Whenever we ask if she is ready for the baby to come, she says, "No. I'm the baby". It looks like we may actually have to confront the new sibling issue we seemed to have escaped with Eloise.

I'll post pictures soon. I need to look cute and tonight isn't a cute night. So sorry, no pics.


Allikaye's Mama said...

I love hearing about cravings! You make me crave peanut sauce...and I'm not even prego!! :0) I'm looking forward to seeing that baby bump!! And go buy that maternity suit...in the shade or not - your girls will love it!

emily said...

so totally random, b/c we don't really know each other too well, but you popped into me head this morning and i was praying that you'd continue a healthy low0risk pregnancy for your home/birth center birth plans...don't know why, it sounds like things went fantastic with your first two, but anyway it was what was on my heart!so fun to then see this post--i think i could eat asian cuisine and peanut sauce just about every day....

amanda said...

we just found a new thai food place - yum! wanna come over :)

and for the record i am sure you looked cute tonight! but can't wait to see the new belly shot!

Kate said...

Ooh, can we get peanut sauce on something for girls' weekend? I can't wait to hug you and Sam!

TcH said...

whatever Kate, you are always cute/pretty/beautiful. Inside, and OUT!


kate said...

Thanks Emily

Kate - yes peanut sauce and thai food, please!

T- thanks sweet lady.

kate said...

amanda and allikaye's mama - let's all go to thai together :)