Monday, May 24, 2010


remember that previous post about slowing down? Didn't really happen.

I coordinated a Bake Auction for our church on Saturday night. I love to do it. Coordinating is so much fun for me and I was delighted to do it. But, it took alot of time in the weeks leading up to it. And whether I believe that I am or not, I still get anxious that everything will come together as planned. Thankfully it did.

I was so excited for Sunday to arrive b/c it meant the beginning of a week where my calendar was blank. Except Lost, of course. Dave and I couldn't WAIT to watch it as we've been committed followers from the beginning. And really, I just wanted to see how this thing was going to wrap up.

We had our plans all set out. We needed to run some errands, have dinner, and set up the kids with movie while the first part of the show was starting. The errands part is where it all went south.

Eloise is a carsick girl. But it's been over a year since I've dealt with vomit and even longer with it being in the car. (If you have yet to clean puke out of carseats, bless you. I hope you never encounter this frustrating, exhausting, and drawn out process).

I heard the sound and my heart sank. Not only did I feel bad for her, but I knew my night had just taken a super awesome turn. Yes, I was thinking selfishly at this point.

Thankfully it wasn't a ton and we only had one more stop to make before home. (tip: keep lots of random blankets in your car, that way, you won't have to do too much clean up) At that stop Lily went down. Two carseats to clean, NO! In my head I'm really hoping this was reactive instead of true sickness. Just before home Eloise starts to vomit again. It's now a Hazmat scene.

We got home. Eloise and Lily in the bath and Dave running to get Saltine's and ginger-ale with Sam.

I'm cleaning up hazmat with gloves and every type of cleaner I can find. The wash is in full swing and I'm secretly hoping that my husband will come home with the carseats and car fully detailed. A girl can dream right?

Video going and I'm talking myself out of the fact that this might be happening. Dave and I are downing Emergen-C like it's our secret antidote to this mystery illness that has entered our home.

Within an hour our girls are back to normal and jumping off the couches as usual. There might be hope of us watching Lost in peace after all.

Nope. Something else is sneaking it's way into our Asthma attack! Lily started coughing around 7:30 (middle of the beginning of Lost - again, I'm pretending this isn't happening). Several Albuterol treatments later, it's not working. The coughing is coming fast and persistent. There is no way this kid is going to fall asleep so I move her to our room to watch videos. I'm still holding out a thin hope that I'll be able to watch Lost.

Thin hopes dashed. I called the nurse line and they suggested that we take her in. The frustrating part about this is I know what they are going to give me, steriods. Crazy Lily is about to emerge.

10 p.m. and we're headed to the ER. We didn't get home until 1 a.m and with exactly what I knew they would give us, liquid steroids. But they ruled out the big stuff through chest x-ray's and a super big breathing treatment. Lily and I have spent some time in the ER. We're getting good at hanging out there.

Morning came fast and so did cranky kids. Thankfully, Angela took Eloise and the little ones are with me. Rest time is fast approaching and I'm praying for a good solid nap for all of us. Hopefully, followed by a peaceful evening where I can finally finish Lost for good.

This verse came to me this morning. Certainly hard to do the work with a smile on my face, but I know that if I look for it, the Lord has given me grace today to make it through.


The Hansen Family said...

Wow. That sounds like the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. So sorry Kate! And, P.S., I was a car-puker as a child, & my mom kept happy pail buckets by my seat. I got good at barfing in them. And yes, I said bucketS because I usually filled two. Super gross. Also, question, why were the albuteral treatments not working? This gives me anxiety about Benji's asthma!!! Ah. So, did you know they weren't working when she kept coughing, or something else? ?? Hang in there friend.

amanda said...

oh wow honey...just oh wow.

hoping everyone is back to their lovely selves today AND most importantly you and hubby get to finally watch lost :)

rebecca said...

That sounds just lovely. Hope it's all over, at least for now.