Thursday, May 13, 2010


After Eloise cut all the yarn, today, she cut her hair -- just a bit! I walked in on her just after she had done it and she immediately apologized. I told her the only person who gets to cut her hair is Rachelle and she is cutting it on Saturday when we have our Mama date night. We're going to Burgerville - yum!

We're huge fans of Burgerville b/c it's local and has really great food. I'm avoiding McDonald's b/c my friend Kate posted this on her FB page. (not the exact link, but the same story). Kinda creepy.

That same sweet friend Kate, wrote such a sweet post and mentioned me in it with such kind words. Most of you know, I don't cry. This made my day AND made me cry. I really am a girl :)

I made these Asian Turkey Meatballs last night and they were FABULOUS! Next on the list from her blog are these.

I planted my garden last weekend and included pickling cucumbers to make my own pickles. The girls love them and reading the list of ingredients in store bought pickles kind of freaked me out. So I'll give it a try with this recipe.

Here's the fun the girls had from that garden/yard clean up day. Yes, Lily is in her panties in a trailer full of dirt. They were having fun, not fighting, and being creative. I didn't care in the least bit. It's great fun for them and they can always take a bath.

I also made hummus this week. It wasn't my favorite recipe. I'm looking for a great one b/c our family inhales the entire container from Costco the moment we get home. Lily and Dave being the number one eaters. Anyone have a favorite?

For all the locals, there is a fundraiser out in Damascus for our sweet friend Joy Kendall. She is 10 and was hit by a car 10 days ago. This benefit will help to raise money for the family.

And b/c I'm obviously obsessed with making everything from scratch, I found some tips for making butter. I'm sure the girls will have fun with this.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Here's one cute pic for you of Sam this last weekend at his Baby Dedication. There were family pics but they didn't show up as good as this one. Such a sweet face.


Hoover Family said...

Sam is so adorable!

Hoover Family said...

I just wanted to add that I have made those spinach lasagna rolls and they are yummy! They are super easy to freeze and reheat too!

amanda said...

so you know i love all your linky love - but those taquitos!! holy guacamole honey!! soooo yummy! my new favorite (and hubby's too)! can't wait to try some of these out!

ps - sam is edible!!

The Horne's said...

Let me know if you find a good hummus recipe!