Sunday, September 9, 2007

bodily fluids

If you were to take a poll of mother's and ask them if they have come in contact with bodily fluids, I'm venturing to say that 100% of them have touched urine, poop, or vomit at least once a month, if not, once a week.

Before having children, touching or feeling pee was not appealing. The thought of holding a baby with a leaky diaper and the remote chance of it seeping through onto your pants made you squirm. Someone's baby peeing on your leg (Audrey Davis) made you want to sanitize your leg with bleach.

Poop, well this one grossed you out the most. You used 15 wipes to make sure that your hand never came in contact with the fumes of poop. Most of the time you made a bigger mess. As a mom you can clean up poop with two wipes and no contact at all.

Vomit. That was something someone did at a party. The mere thought, sound, or sight of someone puking made you want to start vomiting yourself. There would be NO WAY you were going to deal with your child's puke. That would be a husband's job. Now as a mother, you are lucky if the puke makes onto something other than you. And you instantly know that for the next 24-48 hours, any other plans you had are now on hold.

Vomit was the fluid of the day in the Ahl household. Lily this time. She was cuddling with dave at 5:45 looking ready for bed. I really didn't want to put her to bed that early, but she had been pretty tired all day and not really eating. I was thinking growth spurt. She was thinking flu. I swooped her up and headed into the kitchen for a few last minutes chores and there it started. She was retching everything from the day up. All over the floor and most of it, all over me.

This would be the worst experience with bodily fluids. I have never been that drenched in puke before in my life. And that wasn't the worst part. It was feeling her body heave when she threw up. I started crying immediately. There is nothing worse than a baby throwing up. A toddler I can handle (besides not making it into a designated puke area). This was painful to feel.

I know that you aren't supposed to give a toddler liquid, but what about a baby? They depend on milk to grow and don't really have any other source. So I nursed and laid with her for a while. I'm hoping for no more puking. But I'll be up most of the night checking.


Cutzi said...

oh Kate - you have had your fair share of puking this season! I'm so sorry. It was funny to read what you wrote about bodily fluids though. I remember the days when I wouldn't go out of the house with even one wrinkle in my clothes. Now, it's rare that I get out of the house without a spit-up stain. But...I wouldn't trade it for a moment. Now puke... I could do without puke.

Jodi said...

Good grief, what is up with puking Ahl's??? Oh, I don't even want to think about poor baby Lil with the flu. I am SO praying that she's done puking.

Very funny (and accurate) observations about bodily fluid. As you know, neither you nor I are strangers to the sensation of being peed on.

kate said...

we seem to have escaped with only one puke session. She slept from 10:30 to 6, and so did mama. it was the best sleep I have had in months. I feel refreshed today.

hopefully the ahl's are done puking

TcH said...

dont hate me.. I have never touched puke. K has never puked. OK you hate me now. And now she will surely puke wont she??? Im doomed :- )

Jenny said...

K's never puked T? WOW! You are so lucky. I've had Keira's puke all over me. HA

I am not looking forward to Gabe puking.

Kate, you poor thing! The last 2 months have been nothing but puke. UGH I'm sorry and I hope Lily is feeling better! I can't even imagine her tiny little body going through that. :o(