Thursday, September 20, 2007

the joys of fall

I was thinking last week I needed to blog about how much I love fall. My friend, Jodi, beat me to it. I say ditto to everything on her list.

I LOVE FALL! It is the time of year when I am most joyous. I dislike the summer so much. Most people get SAD in the winter, not me, I get it in the summer. I love putting away all things summer. Shorts especially. I do not like shorts. Capri's I'll do, but shorts, no way. Fall clothes, I love. When I was young, we used to wait for the Nordstrom sale in July. We would get the catalog and figure out all the things we liked. My best friend, Michelle and I would get up early the first day of the sale to have one of our moms take us. My mom is a shopper too, so it wasn't that hard to get her out of bed. My parents never went crazy spending money on fall clothes, but it was still fun to get a small chunk to spend on all things long-sleeved and cozy.

This year, I wish I had that small chunk of money to spend on fall clothes. Having 2 babies in 2 years has left my waredrobe a little dry of creativity and style. Losing 35 lbs doesn't help either. I'm an avid What Not to Wear fan. They are always telling you to spend a little more money to get those quality pieces of clothing that will last. Well, my closet is filled with $5.99 t-shirts from Old Navy and sale jeans from any place that had them on sale. This leaves me with about 2 options. I'm ready for more.

So I'm on a mission. I know those few pieces I want to buy. Problem - it takes alot longer to save the money to buy them. But I did make my first major purchase...JEANS.

I found my way to Nordstrom and asked a sweet girl to help me. She asked me how much I wanted to spend. Uh...$20. really I was thinking around $50 because that's how much jeans at the Gap used to cost. We settled on nothing over $100. On What not to Wear, they also say that most things will have to be tailored and Nordstrom does this for free.

I found a pair! Kut from the Kloth. They are great. $79. Not a bad price. They aren't 7's, which is good. Although, I'm thinking I may have to try a pair on to see what all the fuss is about.

So the jeans are my joy of this new fall season. Now I'm off to find new long sleeved shirts, 2 sweaters, one pair of shoes for the year and a puff vest. And I'm going to be finding all of these items on windy days where the leaves are turning yellow and orange while sipping on a caramel apple cider from starbucks. Then I'm going to come home and cozy up with the girls and have soup and some pumpkin delights. Halloween will be fun as well. Eloise will be a Ladybug and Lily...not quite sure, but it will be something simple and warm.


TcH said...

Well those are really cute jeans. I can't do it though, I just can't. I just bought a pair of cords for $15. I am far too cheap for $79 jeans. :- )
I bet they look good on your hiney! I can't wait to see. hee hee.

Cutzi said...

ahhhh.... good jeans. They're the best. Lucky Easy Riders are my favorite.

And I am with ya on the shorts. HATE THEM! And the What Not to Wear ladies say no capris so I'm always in a quandary. I usually just pick the lesser of two evils and go for the capris.

I also am so with you on the need some new clothes issue. It seems every article of clothing I pull out of my closet has spit up, food, who knows what on it. Hmph.

I think I need to make a run by the Banana Republic outlet on the way down to Portland next weekend.

kate said...

cutzi - There are so many great shops in portland...and tax free. You should really wait

teresa - I know, i'm cheap too, but I have a closet filled with clothes that I bought on sale that don't fit right and I don't like. So I'll still shop on sale, but I needed some jeans. BTW - they DO look great on the hinney...and I don't have one so they make me look like I have one - yay!

Jodi said...

Okay, first of all...someone has got to keep me updated with what you're learning on What Not To Wear. Just because I don't have cable does not mean I should be leaving the house every day without this knowledge. And no capris? Are you kidding me? This is SO news to me.

Second...for those interested in some insider info- Kate's hiney DOES look great.

kate said...

Thanks jodi for the support...I got my jeans today from nordstrom after the hemming process and i LOVE them...