Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hello Christmas

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family. The girls loved Nana and Papa's house and all the older cousins to play with. However, coming back was even more fun b/c Christmas decorating time was soon to follow.
(tea party with the cousins)

I love Christmas! Dave is always rolling his eyes at me when I sneak Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Eloise and Lily love the Hippo Song and this last week while listening to it on repeat we hung our snowflakes in the window and decorated the tree.

Our tree is 3 ft tall and artificial. This is a BIG problem in my family. My parents own a tree farm and usually bring us our tree. (as we speak my mom is assembling a swag to add some "realness" to my Christmas greens). Two years ago we were unable to have a tree b/c of how small our apartment was and so I bought this little tree to help bring a little Christmas into our house. This is the 3rd year we have used it and I'm hoping to do away with it next year. But for now it is adorned with creative ornaments both received and bought.

Eloise set up her "people". (Fisher Price Nativity). She plays with it all the time and gets a little annoyed when Lily takes off with one of her "people". Mama also has her "people". My nativity is set up next to the tree as a reminder to me of what this season truly represents, Christ's birth. We are excited to begin teaching Eloise about this joyous celebration.

Another exciting event of the season. The Pottery Barn Chairs have arrived. My parents are down this weekend and the PB Chairs were shipped here. My dad put them together and we had a mock christmas with the girls. We were able to take them up and wait until Christmas morning b/c we don't have a car big enough to haul them back. They LOVE them and so does mom. Here they are enjoying their first morning playing with them.



Cutzi said...

Yay for Christmas! Now, what's this hippo song? I think I need to find it.

And a tree farm!? You're the luckiest girl ever! I fantasize about owning a tree farm - I just try not to think about all the hard work that must go into it. They just grow magically right? And then it snows and you make a little hot cocoa and people pay you to cut them down? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awww...the girls look so cute in their new chairs! Just precious! I love the little people nativity scene!