Monday, August 25, 2008

the annual

So I realized last month that I hadn't had the annual visit to the woman doctor since 2004. Almost 4 years!

How is this possible? You would think that a woman who has had two kids in the last 3 years would have had something like this done.

When pregnant and post birth, you are getting checked so much, you just think every thing's okay. You forget that there are vital tests they do during the annual. I figured it was time to pony up the time and step into those stirrups. (I had to do it, that was too good to pass up.)

I had two home births and I love my midwife more than words can express, but my insurance doesn't love her. Meaning, they don't cover her. So in the interest of financial wisdom, I opted for someone they covered. A good friend of mine suggested a nurse midwife she thought I would love. I'm all for recommendations b/c it's usually successful.

Um...not this time. It's not that I didn't like her, she just didn't have the professionalism your looking for in someone who is about to check out your "Nu Nu". She was very kind, loved the idea of natural birth but supported those who didn't choose it, and wanted the best birth experience for all her mother's. But she dropped the bomb. That's right, she dropped an "F" bomb in the middle of my appointment. During the most sensitive part, when the speculim (sp?) was in!!! As if I needed something more in that moment to make me more tense.

I was so shocked and taken aback that I tried to convince myself that she really didn't say it. Nope, she really did. She dropped an "F" bomb. And it wasn't used in a moment of frustration, just expressing the fine line she had to walk between supporting a home birth mom and her hospital certification. Definitely, not what I would call and appropriate time to use that word.

On my way home I called my midwife to tell her how much I loved her and tried to figure out when she was going to have another baby (she has one). She was pretty sick with her last one and I wanted to make sure I didn't get prego (if I decide to have a 3rd) when she was thinking of getting prego too. She reassured me that she would always be around for me and not to worry.

Ah...the peace of knowing I have a great midwife who isn't going to drop an "F" bomb in the middle of my pap smear.


Jodi said...

Oh my word, you've got to be kidding me! I seriously can not imagine using that word during THAT procedure, and especially with a new patient.

Some people are so f'ing tacky.

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh OUT LOUD...oh I cant believe it. I also feel a lot better since I havent had one on 4 years have inspired me to call tomorrow. I miss you. Jenny

TcH said...

OH my!!! I think I have now seen/heard it all!!!
I literally laughed out loud and covered my mouth when I read your post. ha ha ha!!

It must be pap month. I had mine last week. I don't like it, but I do it for Kambrie. I can't bear to think of something happening to me that I could have prevented.


Sorry aobut the F bomb.
ha ha

Katie said...

I hate the "woman" annuals.. Seriously hate them. Seriously I don't understand people who use that word as part of their everyday vernacular. I mean serioulsy if that's the most intelligent thing you can say about something then I think we all know you are better off going somewhere else. I have a fabulous Dr I go to.

Kate said...

"Safety Kate" says, make an appointment for your next annual NOW, with whoever you want so that you never go four more years without one. Seriously....ONCE a year, my friend! Good job for going, and don't go there again, find someone new! love ya

amanda said...

oh my!

seriously the f bomb??

as if those apts aren't awkward enough!

anne said...

Wait, the doctor shouldn't be dropping f-bombs during a pap smear? :)

Thanks for making me laugh!

The Horne's said...

I am seriously always shocked when professionals use that language. I just when to a chiropractor and it's F-bomb's and the SH** word all the time.
I'm like "really? Do I look like someone who would think that is ok?"
Super NOT professional!
Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Oh my goodness that isn't appropriate on any level in health care let alone in mid pap smear.

Happy POW!!

Leslie said...

Definitely inappropriate, especially since you did not know her! I would never go see her again. I agree, schedule your next appt. now so that you don't forget. And then let them send you reminders! Good for you for going!I need to go too. Of course, I'm all like in some foreign country. (I know...not good enough) Happy POW!

Anonymous said...

That's almost as bad as if she used the word "Vajay-jay" when giving you an exam. Some people have no class!