Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sippy cup madness

I'm organized. Some might call it OCD organized. But I think just organized works perfect. I like things to be in their place and grouped together. What's wrong with that?

Fall begins and so does the decluttering and organization. All summer long, routines have been thrown out the window and the lazy days of summer have set in. This is okay, but just for the season. With the fall weather looming, I've kicked into action.

The challenge: Sippy Cups!
I love sippy cups. What a fantastic invention for moms. These little cups can go everywhere. I'm a huge fan of Gerber sippy's. My friend Jenny used them and b/c she is such an amazing mom I figured those were the only ones to use. If I want to be a great mom, I must use these cups.

While my love for Gerber held true, my kids weren't big fans in the beginning. As I attempted to introduce the cups to my kids, they refused. Of course, this sent my anxiety level through the roof. How were my children going to be perfect if they didn't use this cup?

So I bought the Tommy Tippee. Because this was the one everyone said would get my child to drink out of a sippy cup. Ebay, here I come. That's right, I bought a sippy cup on Ebay. It was new, of course. Eloise hated it. Again, the anxiety is building. Is this kid going to be on a bottle forever?

Back to Ebay for the Nuby. These were the miracle. It worked. Until she chewed through the spout and they were no longer leak proof.

And then it happened...she fell in love with the Gerber's. The angels were rejoicing and so was mama.

But wait, Nuby came out with these really colorful straw cups. I had to have one. And another. And another. And what about the disposable Mickey cups. So cute, how could I throw them away?

Then came Lily. The cycle started again. No Ebay trips this time, just another Nuby. My standby didn't work. She was a Playtex. girl. She loved them. So much that she chewed them to death.

So now what do I have? A gigantic mess of sippy cup madness. I'm done with the mismatched valves, tops, colors, straws, lids, etc...IT'S DONE! Mama laid the smack down and we are living with the Gerber's. That's right girls, no more straws (except for the cute Mickey's ones I'm stashing away in the cupboard for special occasions), no more different colors, lids, flowers. Just plain Gerber's.

We stocked up with a few more and now my cupboard is uniform with the same sippy cup. Ah...bliss. Now I just need to find replacement lids. Ebay?


Cutzi said...

Oh man. This is a little bit of a problem at our house too. Not because the kids were picky - their mama was. I wanted it absolutely spill-proof. I also wanted easy to clean. Durable. etc. etc. We have tons of bottles too since they were both on formula from the start. IMHO bottles are way harder than sippy cups. I don't give my toddlers the option of what cup they get - but infants? Some bottles just won't do. But anyway... back to the sippys. Have you tried the other versions of the Gerber? I love them because they all take the same valve so you can just keep the valves in a little bowl. They have some soft spout ones that work better for younger kids, ones with handles and maybe a couple others. Love them. My poor kids! I still make Steele use a sippy cup and wear a bib because I don't want his clothes to get stained.

Now for dishes. I want all of them to match too. Now you've inspired me - time to clean out the kid dishes drawer.

Jodi said...

Oh my goodness...I had actually almost forgotten about your sippy cup obsession.

Anonymous said...

You can have ALL of mine:) I just love you:) I will package them up and send them to you...they need a new home:) hahahaha Jenny

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, so funny! I think that every mom can relate to this. Kudos to you for coming up with a plan. I just keep trying to get rid of the lids all together...but that obviously leads to bigger messes rather than smaller ones :)

rebecca said...

Kate, you crack me up ! You are definitely on to something, though. I would love to follow your lead, but i could never get rid of any of our sippy cups. That would require buying new ones. So i am stuck with digging through our drawer looking for those lids and valves which I never seem to find until I have gone through the whole stinking drawer. Agh!