Saturday, August 23, 2008

The downside

There always has to be ONE thing someone doesn't like about their vacation. Thankfully, I only have 1.

Starbuck's in Manhattan pop up every 200 ft. (I think there are 160 of them on the island). Most of them are like drive-thrus, but walk-thrus. There are no tables, just a small bar to order coffee. I walk in, order my americano, and turn around to look for the cream and sugar bar. As I take a step towards it, I look down and nearly drop my coffee on the man standing next to me. There on the floor was a COCKROACH!!!! I have never in my life seen one, but I KNEW what this was. It was ginormous. The size of my thumb.

I wanted so badly to drink my americano but I thought I was going to vomit at that point. I debated about telling the barista, but the people in there weren't so friendly. I was hoping someone else would notice and come to my rescue, but no such luck. So I opted to tip-toe my way towards this beast so I could put some cream in my coffee and sprint out of there as fast as I could without getting attacked.

I had to keep telling myself that it must have come through the door on the street. Starbucks probably has strict health codes and this one is just a rogue cockroach out for his morning joe. I was not going to vomit.

I slid out unscathed vowing never to return. After all, I was in Manhattan, there is bound to be good coffee shops without cockroaches. Right?

Thankfully, we wandered the city without another sighting and I spared my mom and sister the nasty details until later that evening. They agreed, it was best to avoid Starbucks until we were safely out of Manhattan.


Jenny said...

EWWWW That makes me want to vomit and I didn't even see it.


amanda said...

a true new york moment friend :)