Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Link Friday

Welcome to the first Favorite Link Friday. I'm always e-mailing my friend's link's throughout the week, so why not post it for all to see. Here are my favorite links of the week. Enjoy!

**Easy-peesy pumpkin cake. These would be great as muffins. The frosting looks delicious.

**I absolutely LOVE this idea. I would give anything for someone to whip this up at my house.

**My friend Katie and I have been praying together every Monday evening. She is 30 and single. I appreciated this article so much. I don't much label or lump single adults together, but I don't think I'm always that attentive.

**Crafty Idea of the week: being Thankful

**Isn't this the cutest little website you've ever seen? And what a great name, Shabby Apple.

**Um, yes. I was thinking the same thing yesterday.

If you have a favorite of the week, please share. It's always fun to get ideas online.


AnonyMe said...

Hey Kate, great article on singleness. Thanks for sharing such a variety of favorites!

anne said...

I don't have any cool links to share, but I'll keep my eyes open for some. Maybe next week I can share something. :)

amanda said...

wow friend - what great finds!!

thanks for sharing :)

Katie said...

Hey I got a shout out! YAY! And it was a good article. That is exactly how many of of "singletons" feel.

And the baby bump one made me laugh so hard. Seriously awesome.

Shelby said...

I just LOVE favorite link Friday! I've enjoyed each link. We are even doing one of the Thankgsiving crafts I found on one of the links today. Great post!

The Horne's said...

I am making the easy pumpkin cake for thanksgiving at my parents, I can't wait!! It looks DELICIOUS!!!!

The Horne's said...

I just have to say...the pumpkin cake was SO easy and SO delicious!!! It was very good, I hope others tried it!