Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the mermaid...finally!!

Eloise has been BEGGING me to make her into a mermaid. Literally falling on the floor begging me.

Sometime around Halloween she saw someone in a mermaid costume. A few weeks later after we had arrived home from errands she took off all her clothes and said, "mama, make me into a mermaid". Dumbfounded, I told her I couldn't but I would search for a costume. To which her response has been to ask everyday if we can go to Target and find a mermaid costume.

The unfortunate part is that it was the week after Halloween and all the costumes had been picked over. The only ones left were the regular priced costumes at $20. I'm not spending $20 for an obsession that may go away in 3 days.

Three days came and went and the obsession still lives. I mustered up some creativity and headed to the fabric store. I was determined to make a mermaid skirt.

After several hours, patterns, stuck fingers, a very small sewing machine, and several, "when can I be a mermaid?" questions later, I have arrived with a mermaid.

Here are the things I know about this mermaid:

  • There's a very good chance it will fall apart after 5 or so wears
  • It was intended to be a skirt, but it is now a dress
  • It is not nearly as cute and crafty as Cutzi's costumes for Halloween
  • She will not be wearing this out of the house b/c she looks a little sketchy and see-thru
  • She is one happy 3 yr old that can finally become a mermaid and now the question is, "When can I go swim at Mrs. Davis's pool?"
Introducing our sweet little mermaid (with mermaid puppet)
If she ever comes to me and either tells me I don't love her or that I never do anything for her, I will cite this. I get huge parenting points for this one.


TcH said...

I am seriously laughing right now.
That has to be THE cutest thing I have EVER SEEN.
But I definitely know what you mean now about her wearing it not quite right. ah ah ha!!!
OH my gosh Kate, you rock!!!!!!

Jodi said...

Oh my word! You get huge parenting points for sure! And hey, all she needs is a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of leggings and she can wear that thing wherever she wants. I love it!

Tell Eloise that Mrs. Kendall is dying to hug a little blue mermaid!

rebecca said...

Kate, That Is HILARIOUS!!!! I love it!!! She does look like she is 16 though, I feel like I am looking into the future a few years.
I will be awaiting word that you will be the next one featured on The Crafty Crow:)

Melinda said...

Awesome!! Noelle will surely be jealous. And Jodi is right, this is perfectly wearable with some good old "kate" layering. :)

amanda said...

totally HUGE parenting points :)

that's one cute little mermaid!!

The Horne's said...

that is hilarious!!! Great work! Look how happy she is!!

RachelC said...

I am so very impressed Kate! She is adorable!

Shelby said...

What a hoot! That is just adorable. You crafty momma!

btw...we have those puppets. Jess loves them!

Steve, Kristine, Cole, Kade said...

I have Ariel and The Little Mermaid songs going through my head right now! You get the Mother of The Year medal hands down! You earned it.

aimee said...

You are an amazing mommy!