Monday, November 3, 2008

the look

The girls and I were at Target (of course) today. I was picking up a few items for a woman who just had a baby at our church. In the baby section there were discounted blankets. I have this weird obsession about getting Lily hooked on another blanket. Her current 'love' is a nasty green blanket I got out of a formula backpack from my pediatrician. The blankets were almost the same weight and only $2.75. I can handle fueling my freakish blanket anxiety for $2.75.

I gave Lily the blanket and she immediately got the 'death grip'--the one where you have pry the item out of their hands bringing forth an instant rage of angry emotion. Those are fun.

We were standing in the checkout line and it was time to put Lily's blanket on the belt. I was thinking more rational about my blanket anxiety and figured it was okay that she keep the nasty green blanket. My plan was to give the blanket to the cashier.

The death grip began. At this point I caved. We were going home with the blanket, but how was I to get it to the cashier without the rage beginning? It didn't matter at this point, the rage had started and was about to hit top volume.

At that same moment a woman walked by me with her oh-so-patient 1 yr old sitting in the cart. I got the 'look'. You know, the 'look'. It says, "Why can't you control your child?"

She didn't. Yes, she did!

I'm sorry my child is upset about a blanket and affecting your peaceful trip to Target. Just wait, you'll have a day when your kid acts like this too.

I followed her out to her car which happened to be next to mine. Then I followed her out of the parking lot. Should the girls and I follow her home and throw dirty diapers on her lawn? No, I'm too non-confrontational for that.

Who does she think she is in her cute outfit and with her obedient child? So I've got my sweats on and my hair isn't done. You've got a brand new Jetta, well I've got the mini. Minivan that is and it ROCKS!

I may not have perfectly obedient kids all the time but I think their pretty compliant most of the time. So the next time you want to give the look, think twice, you never know the day, situation, child, or extra circumstances in that moms life. I can handle old ladies giving me the look, but fellow moms? Come on now.


Casey said...

Oh Kate...those fits are almost a daily occurrence with the Bug. That mom will have her moments and hopefully another parent will give her a kind and understanding look and she'll learn how to properly respond in the future. I always try to be supportive and give a kind word to parents in these situations (don't even get me started on traveling with Katie! LOL!). We've all been there and any parent who tells you they haven't is a TOTAL LIAR!!!

I'm sending her stink eye for you!

TcH said...

I've been there one time.



LDraper said...

I've been there...

She'll be there one day too, and I hope people show her more grace than she showed you.

amanda said...

no she didn't!!

i have become so much more aware of my 'faces' when we are out and see mom's with kids. instead of giving the 'control your kid' look i am a firm believer in a sympathetic understanding smile.

and for the record - if i saw you at target. i would just run up and hug you!

AnonyMe said...

Just pity her, Kate. There is more than meets the eye, surely, and there is no good reason that a fellow momma wouldn't be compassionate. Sweats at Target sounds like a normal mom to me!