Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's officially my favorite time of year. Now if we could just drop below the 90's it would really feel like fall.

What do I love so dearly about Fall?

*the leaves turning from green to yellow to red. October is the most beautiful month and it just happens to be my birthday on the 1st.

*the air turning crisp in the morning and a sweet warmth in the afternoon

*the decorations, like these.

*the excitement of new clothes. Like this cute dress. It's the one on the right that I should have ordered yesterday when it was in stock :(

*Pumpkin Spice Americano's (yum)

*that it means it's time to start curling up on the couch and getting cozy.

*it's time to cook soup and make bread and use the oven without heating the house up to 85 degrees like I did tonight.

*all the school kids walking through the neighborhood every morning and afternoon.

I simply love everything about this time of year. I haven't met an Autumn I didn't like. even smells like Fall.

photo by Sandi Saunders


Allikaye's Mama said...

You linked to me?! You sweet thang!! And yes..fal is happy!!
How's that cute boy of yours doin??

amanda said...

right there with you friend!!

on a side note - do you guys have any canned pumpkin in your neck of the woods?? or is it not just kansas that is missing this must have fall item?

Kate said...

Me too, it's my favorite! thanks for your call the other day. we need to catch up!!

kate said...

amanda - i looked after you said that the other day and there wasn't any in the grocery store I went to. I'll check this weekend when I try to buy some. Maybe I'll google it and see what I come up with. Hopefully there is not a shortage, that would be awful!

The Horne's said...

I agree...I LOVE Fall. It's our anniversary month, and it's fantastic!! I recommend going to Bath and Body works and getting anything you can in the scent of "Leaves"...a candle, a wall flower, hand soap, anything - it's the best fall smell!! I'm obsessed!!

Dena said...

you have me and my mom hooked on the Down East Basics!! I drool over the catalog!! :)