Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This too shall pass.

Eloise is afraid to go into any room alone, insisting that her sister or myself go to the bathroom with her each and everytime. This is in addition to her non-stop arguing on every point. Yes, apparently 4 year old girls object to each and every thing their mother attempts to do, not limited to the drive-thru at the bank. Yep, she vehemently objected to my decision to use the most fantastic and perfect invention for mother's -- the drive-thru. What in the world could she possibly object to about the bank?

Lily is biting her sister when she's frustrated. Today Eloise took one to the forehead. Add to this fun, spitting. She enjoys gargling her water and spitting it out on whatever piece of furniture is within reach. This also has included the floor and her brother.

Sam, well, he's just easy. He lets me know when he's hungry and when he's tired. Falls asleep when it works for mom and looks just as cute as can be hanging out underneath his mobile.

It's been a crazy ride these past couple of weeks but we are remembering that His mercies are new every morning (and this doesn't just apply to me) and that I am being molded and shaped right along with my children. As I wonder when they will get it, I'm sure God is wondering the same thing about me sometimes. So I'm taking one day at a time, listening/reading His Word and trying my best to show them that I love them. And to remember, as many a seasoned mom has told me, this phase is so short in the grand scheme of it all, enjoy it!


Julie said...

Oh, I laughed and cringed at that! I'm sure moms with several children think it's "easy" to just have one but I pray everyday that I'll be blessed enough to enjoy the chaos you just described! I don't want my sweet girl to be an only child.

Anonymous said...

Oh my friend...laugh truly laugh. Someday you will be able to tell them these stories and you all will giggle. You are such an amazing mama and YES before you know it, they will be on to another quirk....HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend...I love you tons. Youare beautiful inside and out... Jenny

Cutzi said...

Oh, this all sounds so familiar Kate! Every part of it. The biting, the obstinance, even the fear of going into rooms. (well, for Steele it's the basement to get his PJs which comically, his sister has no problem doing. So she goes with him) Be encouraged that you ar not alone.

This was also a huge encouragement to me the other day when it seemed we were working on the same things over and over and over again. It might encourage you, as well. (And easy for me to listen to while I was cleaning the kitchen)

Anonymous said...

yes, this too shall pass. and happy birthday dear friend. thinking of you today and celebrating you from afar.

Dena said...

(know you are FAR from alone in these seasons, too...)

Brenda L said...

Some of this shall pass but the spitting NO that will not stop! Just kidding I understand all about the arguing. Amanda thinks that everything has to have a discussion.
I'm finding it hard for me to go in a room by myself these days to, not sure if I'm scared or if I just have an entourage.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kate, your children are beautiful, what a great gift they are!!

amanda said...

happy birthday?? did i miss it?? happy belated day friend!!

and as always thanks for the are one great friend and one amazing mama!