Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love pumpkin for baking, but I do not love it for carving. Slimy mess, stinky guts, and all those seeds you feel obligated to roast. I know, it's like not loving trees at Christmas. But I just can't handle the mess. So this is how we did pumpkins this year.

We found all the spare Mr. Potato Head supplies we could find

Dad drilled a hole

Presto! Pumpkin created

Aren't they adorable. I'm fairly certain they are going to get stolen by the high school students in our neighborhood, but for now, the look cute.

Then.....we went the pumpkin patch.
The first pumpkin's were from my brother's garden which Eloise calls her own pumpkin patch.

Here's this cute little pumpkin at 10 weeks old.

goats, goats, goats

the big slide that she went down 5 times

my kiddos


Kate said...

oh I love that picture of the three of them at the end. We have a kit that is the same idea as the potato head, just bigger parts - a clown, cat, etc. BUT I do miss the pumpkin seeds when i do it that way!

Dena said...

GREAT idea. I thought I was the ONLY one that hated the mess of carving!! We're painting ours this year...Jessica is not that thrilled about it! ;)

amanda said...

brilliant idea friend! i am not sure what's worse - pumpkin guts on halloween or turkey middles on thanksgiving!

adorable family pics too honey :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Your little dino is so ca-ute!!! And those girls are adorable like always!! Oh - and what a great idea for the pumpkins! Love that!! Don't let those naughty highschoolers get em!

Jenny said...

LOVE your Mr Potato Head punkins and I love your kiddos!

Unknown said...

Sam is so much older looking! What a precious little man.

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

Love, love, LOVE Sam in his dino outfit. Priceless!! Thanks for sharing pics!

Shelby said...

Precious Kate! It is great to get to see some more pictures of Sam!