Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite Link Friday - the Fall edition

Here's to Autumn! Celebrate the season by doing a few of these and eating a few of those...

*12 Days of Thanksgiving calendar. (don't think I'll ever do it, but it may inspire something else to help my kids celebrate)

*This is my idea of decorating pumpkins. Now knives, nasty smell, or seeds I feel obligated to roast.

*Recreate the pumpkin spice latte at home.

*Too cute Autumn wreath.

*Pumpkin pie bites - cute and delicious! (now if I could only find canned pumpkin...)

*Oh my word - these look fabulous! (too bad I started Weight Watchers Monday)

Enjoy the first weekend in October.


Anonymous said...

hey friend. noticed your posting time, that is way too early!!!! hope you're getting rest. breeze

amanda said...

you know how much i love this right?? probably the best favorite friday linky EVER!! sooo many good ideas! huge thanks friend :)

and ps - thanks for your super kind words over in my world - i feel so lucky to have "met" you!