Wednesday, October 27, 2010

stomach flu

I loathe the stomach flu.  Similar to the way I feel about getting a cavity filled, in fact I might actually take the cavity.  I know I would, no contest.

I know some have an easy time with the stomach flu.  One kid pukes once.  Lucky people. 

This got a few of us talking about which you would rather have: Stomach flu or head cold?

See in our house, kids go big on the stomach flu. They throw up in car seats (I've lost count of how many times I've taken a car seat apart to wash it), they throw up in their beds, and they throw up on their mom.  Sam had it last Sunday (as in 10 days ago!) and it was so sad.  Little guy threw up 6 times.  6 people!  All in his bed. 

My mother has a strong affection for bleach.  I don't.  But when it comes to the stomach flu, I love the smell of bleach.  I quickly went to work on cleaning the entire house, washing hands 1000 times and doing laundry.  3 days later, no one had it.  We were safe.

Yesterday, Eloise got it.  This time she threw up on the sidewalk on the way into church. Super great, huh.  She was fine all day and then threw up last night, thankfully in the blankets on the couch.  Bust out the bleach and laundry, again. 

All is well and no one else has it.  Life can resume in a day or so.

So after all this, give me a head cold any day.  No bleach, laundry, tearing apart car seats and making beds 3 times in a matter of an hour.  And you always know when a head cold is coming on, the stomach flu, it's rather sneaky.

What would you rather have?  Stomach flu or head cold (you can't say neither b/c that's a given)


Ashley N said...

Head cold, hands down. My kids are like yours and vomit in the most inconvenient places. And you're's sneaky! The mess alone makes the stomach flu my least favorite illness.

Allison said...

I would take a head cold AND a cavity over the stomach flu any day. My kids are older now and it's not as unpleasant as it was when they were little, but I live in mortal fear of vomiting and the slightest mention of a tummy ache has me panicking for days. I hope it passes by the rest of you!

amanda said...

i am guessing you won't take my vote for neither :)

happy healthy weekend friend!

Shelby said...

Head cold for sure. That virus is going around ALL over! Jacob's cousin was just admitted into the ER b/c it actually got into his heart (yes...the same stomach virus that is going around!).