Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Where did the last two weeks go?  My word, we've been busy.

Two weeks ago, Dave's work took the entire staff to Five Pine Lodge in Sister's, Oregon.  It was great!  We had a fabulous time getting to know everyone better, enjoying our beautiful room, and having a wonderful evening out without kids (we had babysitter's).  Our kids slept great and even enjoyed the gigantic bathtub with water falling from the ceiling.  (I don't think the owners thought about what would happen if three small children were in there together = LOTS of water everywhere!)

Last weekend I got away for a girls weekend.  It's my annual INN girls weekend.  We've been doing it for 10 years!  This was the first time I'd been away from Sam all weekend.  It was great to have conversation late into the night without the worry of being woken up by someone or getting up to face the morning of feeding kids.  We shopped, ate, talked, ate some more, and drank lots of coffee.  Nothing better.  I love girls weekend! Pictures of that are on someone else's camera.   I'll have to hijack the card to be able to upload.  But we're all super cute, I promise.

Sam started walking.  Sweet boy.  He has a fever today and has been crying non-stop, so the walking was accompanied by consistent noise coming out of his mouth as he followed me around the house all day.  Super fun!  He's living up the lodge life here.
Now that these fabulous events have concluded, we're enjoying a week of nothing.  I'm menu planning and gearing up to make some serious pumpkin treats.  And trying to keep the waist line small too.


amanda said...

honey that place looks amazing!

love me some weekend getaways!!

Kate said...

Hijack that camera! I want to see our group photo!