Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what's happening?

*Sam is walking all over and into everything.  He even figured out how to climb up the chairs and onto the dining room table.  I found him up there pushing buttons on my laptop.  He didn't open anything sketchy.

*I bought Sam's first pair of shoes at Target the other day.  We have the fancy kinds from Nordstrom from friends but they don't have velcro and this mom-of-3-kids-who-don't-know-how-to-tie-their-shoes, isn't about to tie a squirmy infants shoes.

*I had no idea where the infant boys shoes section was at Target.  I actually thought for a moment that they might not have one.  Welcome to the world of little boys.

*We decided that we would send Eloise to public school next year.  The choice was right and it is what we believe the Lord has called us to do.  I can't say that this will be the choice for the next two kids, but I can say that we're listening intently for the direction

*She's doing great this year.  We're working on letters, numbers, and anything else she wants to learn. I think we're heading towards reading.  I just need to get a few books that might help in that process.

*Sam is in LOVE with his big sister.  He walks around the house giving her hugs all day long.  Lily and Sam haven't quite formed that bond yet, but it's probably b/c she's so rough all the time.

*Dave arranged a girls night out at Pok Pok for my birthday.  If you're ever in Portland, be sure and hit this place up.  Very different, very authentic Thai but OH SO GOOD!

*I'm currently stuck in the rotation of 3 lunches for my kids: Gardenburgers, grilled cheese, and PB & J.  BORING!

*Sam doesn't eat anything.  Literally.  He loves carbs, pretty much like Eloise and myself.  But I've managed to work up a sweet smoothie that he'll drink down with  no problem.  At his age, with Eloise I thought I did something wrong, with Lily I thought I was doing things right (she was eating everything), with Sam I realize that they are born that way.  He'll get his veggies in soon enough.

*I cut the peels off my kids apples.  There.  I said it.  I have no shame.  My mother did it for me and I do it for my kids.  I know, all the nutrients are in the peels, but people, when you have texture issues, it doesn't matter.  They're still eating the apple.  And Lily will eat an apple whole with the peels just not when I cut them into slices.  There are worse things I could be doing.

*I made this chicken pot pie last night, very good.

happy Fall!


Shelby said...

I LOVE your posts Kate! You remain an inspiration to me!

**"Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons"

-just a the time Jess got to lesson 50, she was reading lots and well! It is a very easy book to follow and do. Each lesson takes no more than 15 minutes.

Come see all of us at the new FB group! I miss you!

Kate said...

It's okay - I feed my kids at LEAST one nutrigrain bar a day, HFSC and all!

Kate said...

oh and BOB books are what Langley used at Montessori to learn to read, they're great. Search Amazon.

Jodi said...

So do you think you could use whole wheat flour in that chicken pot pie recipe? Obviously it wouldn't taste as wonderful. That recipe looks so good...

Oh, and I'm impressed that you have THREE lunches in your rotation! I have one!

kate said...

Jodi - I think you could for sure. I'm sure it would come out great.

amanda said...

did i miss your birthday?? happy day friend!!

and now i want pot pie and bday cake :)

Hoover Family said...

I love this post!

Great pictures!
I gave you a blog award!

Check out my post on my blog!

Along For the Ride said...

Kate, I totally relate to thinking I'm doing something wrong in feeding Mia. She loves fruit and carbs - not such a fan of meat or veggies. I'm trying to be creative to get her to eat different foods. I guess it will come with time. And usually, if she likes a veggie, Keira doesn't - go figure.
Oh, and my MOM cuts the skins off the apples for them. She even cuts them off for ME and I like them. It's a habit now, I guess. LOL