Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two of my favorite pictures

 Everyone is actually looking at the camera.  It's a miracle!
Sometimes I look at pictures like this in complete disbelief.  THAT is my family. Crazy!  Am I really old enough to be responsible for all those people?

How cute are they?


Kate said...

Adorable - AND you aren't just all looking at the camera, you all even have nice smiles one! Super cute. Love the girls below too!

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

KATE! You HAVE to blow up that family picture and frame it! It is awesome! You all look great - and the costumes are so cute! The only way it would be better is if you and Dave were dressed up as furry friendly animals, too. Photoshop?
love ya

amanda said...

perfect pic!! think your christmas card is ready to go!!

ps - lilly and i were talking about how old i was earlier today and it struck me - am i really that old? when did that happen?? i am old enough to have kids!! crazy!