Sunday, January 30, 2011

It is finished!

After all members of the family getting hit by this nasty bug and throwing up a combined total over more than 55 times, I'm happy to say WE ARE FINISHED!

I knew after Eloise got sick that the rest were to follow but I didn't expect it to be on the same scale.  No more trips to the ER, thankfully, but Lily and Sam threw up almost as much as Eloise.  Apparently, the anit-nausea medicine only worked on me, which is great, b/c we all know mamas are the ones that take care of the family.

So tonight, we are breathing a sigh of relief.  We had our first meal together, we went for a walk, I cleaned the house, and I left the house for the first time in 5 days.  The outside air never smelled so good.  I told Dave we needed to find a way to create a sign to mark an end to this blasted week.  I mentioned something about the passage in the bible where they dust off their feet.  Not the same reference, but I like the idea.  So we've dusted our feet, sleeping soundly in beds and letting our stomachs celebrate by toasting ginger ale.  It's a refreshing feeling.


Anonymous said...

So sorry friend! Glad it is over for you guys! Love you!

amanda said...

i think you deserve a medal!!

so happy all is well again friend :)

Rachelle said...

SO GLAD that is over for you! Your previous post made me tear up. Glad everyone is back on the mend.