Friday, January 14, 2011

New phases

Our sweet little Sam is now 17 months old.  That's how old Eloise was when I had Lily.  Hard to believe.

This morning I finished nursing.  Either some of you are appalled or applauding, either way, it worked for us.  He's only been nursing in the morning when he first wakes up (which is early, this kid is a morning person - 6 AM is a good day). 

This morning, I bypassed our regular snuggle in bed and went straight for the TV.  Yes, he watches TV in the morning so I can go back to bed until 7.  We'll work through any issues he has from that later, for now he has a slightly more rested mama.  Anyhow, he put up a cute little whine but once we were out near the TV all whining disappeared.  

I thought this might be a more bittersweet moment for me but it's not.  I feel ready to move into the next stage of life.  I feel ready to go to Nordstrom purchase some nice, comfy bras.  These girls need to move back up where they used to be. (I don't think there are any men reading my blog, besides my husband and he wants this too).

I love the stage our sweet little family is in.  I love the age of our children and I love the fact that they are all still home with me.  And i also love that time is moving forward.  I'm eager for new stages, but I'm savoring the ones we're in.

So, no more baby connections.  We're barreling into the toddler years!


amanda said...

count me as applauding :)

proud of you mama and here's to you and the next stage of your mamahood!

TcH said...

whoo hoo! three cheers for nursing, high up boobs and being content in the stage you are in, but also eager for those to come! ;-)

Ashley N said...

I'm one of the applauders : ) Good job, mama.

Anonymous said...

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