Friday, October 19, 2007

a mixed post

tonight with eloise:
me: "Eloise, do you see the moon?"
E: "I don't see it, oh there it is"
me: "okay eloise, it's time to go to sleep, say goodnight moon"
E: "I want the moon, give me the moon"
me: "I want to give you the moon, but I can't, it's way up high in the sky"
E: gigantic meltdown and the words "I want the moon" repeated over and over

Quote on my Starbuck's coffee cup today: (tell me what you think after reading it)

"Wild animals often do a much better job of caring for their offspring than we civilized and educated humans do. If we cannot keep children safe in their own homes, how can we hope to make ourselves safe in the world?"

-Lee Grogg, Exec. Dir. of Ryther Child Center
(an agency providing safe places and opportunities for children


Jodi said...

Hmmm...I think I can keep my children safe in their home. That was my first thought. Maybe I'll comment again after thinking about it. I don't really get it though.

Anonymous said...

This guy has obviously never lived on a farm... Has he never seen a rabbit eat there own babies, or a father goose trample his own goslings? Has he never seen the Discovery Channel? I just saw a mother Gazelle leaving her baby gazelle in the dust to be eaten by a cheetah. I would imagine he is over generalizing the horrors that are in our world with child abusers and such, but for the majority of humans protecting their children is synonymous with breathing. Yes, some animals will die for their young, but i would say that is NOT the majority.

Interesting topic:)

Jodi said...

Good call Rebecca. And...raise your hand if you would die for your child without even giving it a first thought.

And this of course is not even to mention the fact that our security lies NOT in our own attempts to protect our children, but in the Lord's sovereignty and His ability to shield and defend us all from harm.

In his line of work, I can only imagine the firsthand evidence Mr. Grogg sees of the wretchedness of human nature. Thank goodness for our Father in heaven.

kate said...

jodi - that was my first thought too.
rebecca - great points too.
I was pretty annoyed when I read it but wanted to make sure that I was reading it right.
I look forward to more perspectives

Anonymous said...

It seems like it is becoming a “thing” lately to think really highly of animals. Have you seen the video of Ellen D. crying about the dog adoption thing? It kills me whenever I see it in the news because no one would care or air someone crying over the millions of babies who are murdered by their own mom’s everyday!
It is a huge deal that we are messing up so badly with our children because we are made in the image of God (not because animals are doing better.) Our children should be learning about the love of the Father through our love but instead they are learning how to be selfish. But that is how big a deal sin is.
I agree with Jodi that the safety of our children comes down to the sovereignty of God, not our own abilities. But how screwed up our society is points only to our desperate need for a savior. I pray that Christian homes would be so set apart that others could look and see that having a Savior to bring us closer and closer back to that image in which we were created is the only thing that will make our end better than that of animals.
Interesting post.
--Amy (a friend of Cutzi and Jodi’s and a frequent “lurker” of yours:)

kate said...

thanks amy. I appreciate the response