Saturday, October 13, 2007

pink converse, infant size 6 - status: MIA

Eloise has a pink pair of low top converse. Converse fit her better than any shoe b/c she has narrow, thin feet. She had a pair in size 5 and obviously grew out of them. My mom bought her a 6 and found them for $10!

Well, Thursday night, they seem to have been abducted, thrown away, misplaced, or walked off on their own. I cannot find them and I have turned this house upside down.

The worst case scenario: I love to throw things away. Literally, I LOVE it. Not a hoarder at all, except maybe with clothes, but even that has gone by the wayside. All I can think of is that I got busy cleaning up the house after the girls were in bed, had them in my hand along with something I was going to throw away and they managed to take a dive with the garbage. I would feel awful if that happened. However, the trash is out and I'm not about to dig through it for $10 pair of shoes. We have backups.

Has anyone seen me?
Color: Pink w/white soles
Age: 3 months
Size: infant 6
Distinguishing marks: lots of love from playing outdoors
Last seen: on the dining room table

If you have seen or know anyone who has seen me, please contact the proper authorities, Eloise's mama.


Cutzi said...

Sorry. Haven't seen them. Are they related to a little brown pair of size 8s by any chance? Those little hoodlums have been lurking around our house for a while now.

Jodi said...

Lame! I haven't seen them. However, while you're looking, if you find a 6-12 month purple butterfly Robeez shoe (just one), we have a bit of a runaway situation here as well. Which is especially frustrating since I just bought Delaney a super cute purple shirt. Grrrr.... Best of luck with the Converse.

Anonymous said...

Well, i guess i will add to the list of MIA's and include "one black watersock size 4". Of course, i won't need it now for about 16 months until baby brother is older, but it would be nice to find.