Tuesday, October 23, 2007

we have a crawler on our hands


Lily is 8 months today and crawling. It's been pretty fun to watch this little person move about the house. This is where I found her this morning.


Cutzi said...

Crawling!?!? I thought she was barely sitting up! Hmph. I am dying for Adia to crawl for some reason. Probably since Steele never did. Go Lily, go Lily, go Lily. Yes, you are imagining me doing the running man.

kate said...

She hasn't sat up yet. Eloise didn't either. She can sit up now, but crawling came first. My girls are funky that way

Jodi said...


Anonymous said...

We are so impressed!!! Way to move, Lily! Thanks for sharing this. We miss you!
La La and D