Wednesday, January 30, 2008

trying my patience

I'm a very patient woman. I never use my horn while driving and I am always in line with the person who doesn't have a bar code for an item. It takes an enormous amount for me to get impatient, especially with my children.

I don't mind bodily fluids, specifically, vomit. I've experienced it alot in my short span of motherhood. There is one bodily fluid, however, that sends me over the edge...POOP!

My limit has expired for potty training. I thought it would be quick with Eloise, but she is only interested when it suits her or I ask. I need to take a complete break from it and revisit it later. Two days in a row, she has touched her poop in the potty. I can only imagine what she touched before I had a chance to get to her.

This is what we rehearsed tonight (it's a little dark)


Cutzi said...

Oh Kate! That was pretty funny. The video, not the poop touching. ;-) The other day I was trying to keep Steele from sitting down on his potty 'cause it was smeared all over. I turned around to find him sitting on my new white bathroom rug from Ikea! Just gotta roll with the punches... and take a lot of wipes with you.

ps. It's funny that you just posted this because I just decided this morning that Steele HAS to be potty trained. His poor little bum is so raw! - he can't have it sitting in his diaper anymore.

Shelby said...

Oh my goodness...that was so cute and funny. Jess has had me play it over ten times! LOL

cj said...

awesome. eloise is truly growing into a wise woman.

on a very side side do you get your videos to post to your blog like this? i'm truly impressed with your tech savvy.

hope all is well. sounds like you've been through some trying times with hospitals and doctor's offices.

on another side side side note, i was born @ emmanuel. neat, eh? :) cj

Katie said...

Oh my word that made my day! I'm totally laughing out loud at this! Hysterical.

I don't blame you for making her rehearse it, so yucky! Well my sisters both had similiar troubles with at least one of their kids, and the only thing to save their sanity was to give up until the kid was really ready to try again and stay focused on it. I don't blame you for wanting her to stick with it though! Freedom from one kid in diapers would be awesome.