Friday, January 4, 2008

We have a cleaning lady!

It's Eloise! She has a slight obsession with kid sized brooms.

I've been on a search for a broom and have come up empty until today. We went to Target and all gifts for kids were 30% off (the leftover holiday ones). They had a cleaning kit with a broom, wet jet swiffer, dust pan, spray bottle, window cleaner and a bowl! And it was only $10!!!

The moment we got home she tore open the box and found the broom. She would have gone to bed with it tonight if I let her. Together we cleaned the kitchen and sweep the floor. We have started a penny jar for her to earn pennies to throw in the pond at our local mall. She got 3 pennies tonight and was so impressed with her cleaning skills. Oh, she also helped me make cupcakes.

People, I have a girl! I have two...but I now have a toddler girl who loves to do girl chores. I can't wait to have a helper around.

(the new cleaning arrangement)

Next project: Little apron (a cute, trendy pattern like this one, how cute is that!!!)


Cutzi said...

Seriously - that's why people with 10 kids aren't pulling their hair out with chores. Their kids help. Gets work done and teaches good work ethic. What could be better? I'm hoping Steele keeps up his love for vacuuming!

And that apron? Adorable! Where do you find cute fabric like that though?

kate said...

THAT is the problem, finding good fabric! I'm going to go on a search and see if I can find some, I'll let you know when I do.

Jenny said...

OK I am a dork...even after you talked about getting the broom and such for Eloise, I looked at your title and thought you had REALLY gotten a cleaning lady. HA