Friday, August 8, 2008

Lost dog...

...if found please call.

Today we went to Costco and Walmart. (I thought this was pretty ambitious given my fear of the grocery store). Eloise insisted on taking her dog. This is pretty typical. I'm always warning her about the possibility of losing her dog. I know she doesn't understand but I feel it's my motherly duty to warn her.

This dog is #1. She has tons of attachment objects that she sleeps with or takes with her, but this dog is tops. He goes everywhere with her. Even to the potty.

She took the dog into Costco where we chowed down on fabulous samples and picked up some good ole' wipes.

In the parking lot, on the way out, she saw a dog in the car next to us. During it's incessant barking, she said, "yeah, my doggie can bark too. see, roof, roof".

Then at Walmart, I can't remember what she did with the dog.

When we were getting ready for bed, she asked for doggie. I immediately began panicking and called Walmart. No dog.

I had to explain to her that doggie wasn't coming home.

Eloise: "Oh. He's shopping at Walmart. He'll be back soon."
me: "no honey, he won't be back. Can we find you another doggie?"
Eloise: "yeah. I'll take Lily's doggie". (so much for the grieving process)

I was getting so choked up. I was so sad for her. I kept thinking that I needed to show her how to handle this loss, but I could barely handle it. It's just a stuffed dog, right? But it's her dog and a little thing I've watched her create personality for and take care of. I think that's what is making me emotional. (And possibly the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I always get so emotional and proud of our Olympians...I know, seriously).

Well doggie, it's been a good run. Thanks for the memories.


TcH said...

First off, good job going to Costco and Walmart alone!!

Secondly, I would not trust Walmart. I dont mean to be rude, but their customer service is often lacking. Try to go back and see if you can check in PERSON the lost and found, or re-trace your steps to see if it is under a rack or something.

I am impressed that Eloise did better than you thought she would. Im sorry your sad though. ((hugs))

Kate said...

She is so well-adjusted! Good job mama! Langley had "sprinkles" the hippo forever and then a year or so ago, completely abandoned him and changed to loving her build a bear rabbit, "Sabrina". I felt sad for poor sprinkles. She even put him in the give a way bag when we were cleaning out her room! I had a dog, "red dog" from the day I was born until, well....he actually still sits on a shelf in my room.

Jodi said...

So sad! We've had a few close calls with Jack's monkey, and I was absolutely sick to my stomach until we finally found him. If my house was burning down and I could only save a few things, that monkey would be at the top of my list. I'm glad Eloise doesn't seem devastated!

amanda said...

i will keep my eyes peeled!!

and while you are away in nyc can you look for leo?? he fell out of the stroller while we were in central park...

and i too was more upset than beans.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate...I can totally sympathize. Jess has a bunny. She adores it and has had it since she was born. She usually doesn't take 'him' out but has other special guys that she will take along. Well...during moving we couldn't find bunny anywhere. Jess wasn't as torn up about it as I was. I literally couldn't sleep that first night and I HAD to stay up turning the house apart. Luckily Jess had found a new hiding spot in a closet and she had stuffed him in there and forgotten where she'd put him. I found in late that night while she was sleeping. I do hope you find her little doggy. fingers crossed!

kate said...

I didn't realize the attachments objects were really for us mama's. It's as if they have lost their best friend. Yet, they don't care. So funny.

thanks for the support ladies.

anne said...

I haven't seen the dog...but I've got my eyes open in case he heads north.

On another note, what are the chances that you'll email me the list of things to do in NY? I want to make sure I cross-reference it with the list of stuff I have devised. :) My email is benandanne(at)

Thanks so much Kate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.