Friday, October 31, 2008

the monkey fairy and the dragon

Happy Halloween!

This year was the first year Dave was able to join us for the Annual Halloween Bash at the Davis house. He usually works nights so he took off work just so he could join in on the kid food, dancing, pictures, and trick-or-treating.

Eloise: the monkey. This almost didn't happen. For some reason she was a little cold towards the monkey. She spotted one of the moms dressed up with fairy wings and decided this was her key to wearing the costume. She would only wear it if she could have fairy wings over the top. Done.

Lily: the dragon. She was easy. Put her in a costume and go. She did take a few breaks in the stroller. It was just an excuse to get in and look at all her candy.

We wrapped up the night hitting a few more houses in our neighborhood and watching Mickey's Treat. It was a great Halloween.

As a treat for you all, a look back on the last 4 years. We just keep having babies. Started with 5 now we have 13!





The Hansen Family said...

Thank you Kate for looking all this up! I was dying to see all those kids in costume, flipping through all the blogs. :) Super cute! I love how the last picture, this year ya'll exploded with kids! Ha! You guys are super blessed to have such a fun & tight crew. Miss you all, Ginny

Allikaye's Mama said...

Cute costumes! The wings make the monkey so much better! I don't blame her for wanting them! hehe! How fun that you get all those kids together!

Dena said...

those are the BEST series of pictures....i LOVE it.


Jenny said...

Cute family pic.
I like the wings on the monkey costume!

Wow lots oh kiddos. SO fun!

rebecca said...

Someone better get busy or we aren't going to have any more to add for next year! And someone needs to get a wide angle lense to capture all these kids with.

amanda said...

oh my honey! look at all those babies!! sooo sweet :)

and a monkey with wings - love it!!

Steve, Kristine, Cole, Kade said...

Kade was the Old Navy monkey for the past two years.. this time he wanted to be scooby doo - loved the costumes. Happy Halloween!