Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

I got lost this week searching online for cute new ideas. I found some fun ones that I hope you all will enjoy.

*I thought of my friend Cutzi when I saw this weekend sewing. I just love the picture of her sewing at the bottom. I would definitely sew if I had a cute desk like that.

*I wish I would have seen this princess party hat for Lily's birthday. She would have loved it.

*I love this site, Bakerella, simply b/c of her pictures. And she made those perfect Hello Kitty pops. I'm so envious of her gift.

*A fun and easy cupcake

*These little headbands might be our next art project.

*A friend lent me a Bella Band and I love it. And now I just found this! I'm so excited, two of my favorite things.

Have a great weekend!


Cutzi said...

I love it!! You know me too well Kate (which is cute because we really mostly know each other through our blogs) but when I saw that book I went straight away and put it on my Amazon wish list.

amanda said...

honey i was just at target an hour ago and saw the new bella bands!! how awesome is that??

happy weekend!

Kate said...

I sent you my bella band in the box that never arrived. How sad!!!