Monday, February 23, 2009

Lily turns 2!

I love 2 yr olds. They talk non-stop in words you can't understand, they want to do everything for themselves, and they throw the most amazing tantrums over the most ridiculous things. Dave and I can't stop laughing at our little Lily. She truly is the grace we needed,(read more of her story here).

Lily is her sister's best friend. She antagonizes her, follows her, argues with her and give her the biggest and best hugs. She imitates everything her big sister does and tries to do all the things big 3 yr olds get to do.
Lily is independent but loves to snuggle at a moments notice. She is constantly getting into her dresser to pull out dresses. She changes them at least every 15 minutes and with every new outfit comments, "look at me, I beautiful". She is also sneaky, finding ways to pile Valentine's day boxes on her daddy.
She is always the first to suggest an activity, walking into the room with her finger in the air saying, "hey, I got an idea". When inquiring about the idea, it's always, "park". This is also her response to the question at dinner, "what was your favorite part today?" um....Park!

I had so many people tell me how great it was going to be having two close together, especially those with same sex children. My response was usually, yeah right, but I get it. They were right! It was hard in the beginning, but I truly love having these two little girls so close in age. I'm becoming less and less a part of their world and they are becoming more of each others.

Lily Grace you are a blessing and today we celebrate your perfectly timed birth into our family.

We celebrated Lily with a small family party and big cupcake cake.


Kate said...

oh so sweet. And of course your cake is A-dorable. Love the look on her face looking at her cake. Seriously adorable.

TcH said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!! I love you, even if you do call me Katie all the time. hee hee.

And Kate, that cake is ADORABLE!! Seriously TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!

Love that pic of Lily looking at her cake. Love that expression, and that crazy hair. LOL

Dena said...

how did the cake turn out? anything you would change??

Cutzi said...

Happy Birthday Lily! So many of the ways you described her reminded me of Adia. I love each step of their growing.

And yes, what a cool cake!

Jodi said...

Happy birthday sweet Lily! That cake turned out so cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!! That cake is are amazing!

Kate said...

Such a cute new background!!! Who did it?

amanda said...

happy, happy birthday sweet girl!!

your mama did an awesome job on your cake!!

ps - loving the new look friend!

Katie said...

I think that is the best cupcake ever, and I love the pictures. Your girls are so cute and really are sweet buddies. I am so excited they are this close and I'm reminded of praying about that and look how fabulously God orchestrated it all! Awesome blessings even when at first we aren't sure what the heck is going on.

Oh and I love that she calls everyone Katie. :-)