Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the retreat

It is a rare retreat to come home and say, I feel refreshed and renewed spiritually. I've always had a great time with friends and enjoyed the scenery at the beach, but this time I walked away reflecting and focusing on the ways in which the Lord revealed himself to me.

I love the women of my church. They are kind, loving women who earnestly seek after the Lord and who they can be to offer themselves up as examples of his love. We usually have about 100+ women, this year we had around 90. All varieties of ages and backgrounds. Even some young moms with their tiny babies still nursing.

The speaker, Jody, whom I feel completely blessed to call a friend and mentor, spoke this year. She made a point of not coming across as just a speaker to talk about the importance of a life led by Christ, but to stand beside us as we come into His presence throughout the weekend. She achieved just that. I learned from her teachings but sat beside her learning. It felt like a large group of women praying and listening together. And that is what left me amazed and refreshed.

The beach helps. Cannon Beach is gorgeous and our weekend there always seems to include beautiful weather. The drive down was filled with snow, but sun appeared the next day as we had free time to shop and have girl time. This amazing rock below is the signature of Cannon Beach and it was absolutely gorgeous on that day.

So I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to give out of what has been poured into me. Life doesn't seem that incredibly different and I'm fairly certain that my impatience will give way at some point this week, but I am walking a little closer to Him and that provides a hope and peace beyond what I can muster up.

Thanks for letting me share my good weekend.


Julie said...

How can you not come home from Cannon Beach feeling refreshed??? :)

Julie said...
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amanda said...

sounds amazing - the whole weekend!

yay for you :)

Katie said...

I'm still processing it all. It was an awesome time. I think it was just what we needed and so unifying and made me really long for Christ to return. I'm glad we were there together!