Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random fact

My Facebook is being dominated by these notes of "25 random facts about yourself". I keep getting tagged and frankly, can't really come up with 25. It would take ALOT of time. But I did think about it for 5 minutes or so and came up with one.

I grind my teeth.

And I don't just mean occasionally, I mean consistently and aggressively. I've woken Dave up out of a deep sleep grinding! My friend Angela once asked me if I ever had my teeth filed b/c they were so even. I now know why.

When I get stressed, it's even worse. Dave wakes me up alot in the middle of the night to tell me I'm grinding and I wake up with a massive head and neck ache the next morning.

I was at my dentist for this last visit and he noticed that I had chipped my tooth and strongly suggested a night guard or my teeth would be ground down to nothing. 'Nubbins' was the word the hygenist used. Then I found out it was $500 and not covered by insurance. Awesome. I have yet to get that night guard.

So there you have it. Random fact #1. We'll see if I can muster up a few more.


Katie said...

Love it! I keep getting that one on facebook too and I can't do it.

Can you get a football guard? Ha, ha, ha, okay I'm just kidding about that! It would be cheaper though.

TcH said...

Well you can get a nightguard for $500 or pay about 20K to get your teeth rebuilt later. That's what our dentist told us. We paid the $300 to get Nate one several years ago
He grinds too, BADLY.
Jenny grinds too, that's why she has WEE teeth.
Do you get bad headaches from that? i heard that can happen. eeks!

I am also getting tagged in those 25 things, and I am like you. I am not exciting enough for anyone to want to read mine. I know this for a fact.

TcH said...

OK, probably not 20K, but you know what i mean. It's a LOT more.

Becky said...

I have this problem too, when I am extra stressed. My ortho recommended the kind of sport guards that you boil then fit to your mouth. Much cheaper...

anne said...

I'm a grinder too. I decided that since I had braces and all, the money for a night guard was worth it. I didn't want to cough up more money in the end (much like some of these other folks are saying). It was a bummer at the time, but now I'm glad I did it. There are fewer headaches, no more sore jaw, and my teeth are still standing strong.

Oh, and talk about feeling sexy when you get into bed at night... :)

Steve, Kristine, Cole, Kade said...

The sad thing is... that I had one done by my husband because he had no other patients and he needed it to graduate.. I don't grind my teeth.. but the proud owner of a teeth guard. Just a heads up.. they are in desperate need of tooth guard patients at OHSU Dental school.. if you can put up with it taking a little longer than it normally would.. it would be MUCH cheaper!

kate said...

kristine - thanks so much for that advice. I'll check that out!