Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A different kind of era

I think I may have mentioned before that my mom had given me a bunch of Golden Books with Eloise Wilkin as an illustrator. It's where we got the idea for Eloise's name. We have most of the book listed on that website, which is pretty neat.

The other day Eloise picked out a few she wanted to read. When we came across this one I was cracking up the entire time. Pay special attention to Daddy. (This is Dave's dream, and it's not the chores.)

He smokes his pipe while chopping wood.

He smokes his pipe while gardening.

And even when he washes the dog.

When he needs to use both hands, little Susie holds the pipe.

However, he does know his priorities and removes the pipe for an affirming hug.

And finally for dinner. I'm sure mom doesn't allow that in the house.

BTW, this family gets alot done in one day. This is just a small sampling. Daddy was smoking his pipe the entire time they were doing their chores. I wish I was that motivated. Maybe it's the pipe?


amanda said...

oh the good ole days :)

but truthfully i have always wanted my dad to smoke a pipe. i just love the smell. weird huh?

TcH said...

HA HA HA HA!! im laughing so hard i can barely type.
ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

hee hee

what's in the dads pocket when he is hugging the kid? is it the pipe?

ha ha ha
thanks for the giggle today

AnonyMe said...

I have had this book forever, and have always loved the illustrations. I agree that the particular family featured gets a ton done in one day! I had never noticed the pipe, though.

Casey said...

Maybe it's what's IN the pipe that motivates Daddy to get all those chores done in one day. What do ya' think?

Allison said...

I had this book when I was little! I looked at that website, and there were so many on there that I had growing up - my mom must have been a fan. I loved all of them. How fun it would be to share that with my girls - lucky you!

Jess said...

I remember this book! Seeing these pics brought back so many memories-thanks!