Friday, March 20, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Have a great weekend everyone!

*I love Little Window Shoppe. And they keep coming up with great ideas. Little Fairy Crowns. Eloise is obsessed with being a fairy. She really wants to fly. I think this is where we will head for her 4th birthday party.

*For those dealing with the tooth fairy.

*This is impressive. I love her style and creativity in small places. 7 in one house!

*Just a cute design blog.

*Comparing our motherhood, especially in Christian circles. Long but encouraging.

*A clothing company similar to Down East Basics. It's called Shade. I think I may be ordering.


Kate said...

Shade brought a bunch of stuff to Costco about a month ago in Boise. Bought three quarter length shirts and them.

Cutzi said...

Just a note on the Shade clothes. While they don't offer as much selection as Downeast and I don't always like their styles as much, their quality is a little better (reflected in their slightly higher prices). I've really liked the things I've ordered from them. I'm thinking about ordering a bathing suit - they have some cute ones this year.

Let us know if you get anything!

Cutzi said...

Oops - we must have been commenting at about the same time! ;-)

amanda said...

thanks for all the links friend...

always fun to do during nap time :)

Mrs. Valente said...

Hey there! Thanks for the link!