Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swimsuit Season

This last weekend Dave and I took the girls out shopping for their swimsuits. I really wanted him to go b/c I know he has a definite opinion about what they wear. As the daddy of two girls, I can understand why he has an opinion. I love that he cares and I love that he gets to participate in this aspect of their lives. Not b/c it's a swimsuit, but b/c he really cares about how modest they are. And so do I. For some families, little girl binki's are okay, for this family, they aren't. Sure, they are adorable, but I'm a little freaked out about my 3 yr old showing more skin than she should and looking like a 16 yr old. She's only young once, I'd like to enjoy the little girl.

Don't worry, I'm not going to go this extreme.

Here's my options:
One piece: This is not helpful when your daughter has to go potty quickly or if you are potty training. I just don't want to pull off the entire suit. They are cute, just not funcitonal for us.

Two piece: This is either the t-shirt board shorts, which we love, or the small tankini/bikini which show off alot. I'm all for the tankini, if it actually hit at the waist. It does for Lily, just not Eloise. And the bikini bottoms seem a bit small for me. I don't want her bum bum hanging out. And frankly, I don't think anyone else does.

This is the one we chose for Eloise. Dave's not a huge fan b/c he wanted it more swimsuit looking on top, but it serves a few purposes. I don't have to put on as much sunscreen, she's not showing too much off, and she can go potty by herself. And the bottoms are full coverage.

I did find a few other swimsuits online that I might purchase next year.
This one from Lands End.
And this one from LL Bean

I know there are most sites out there with cute swimsuits. Share please if you know of a good one.

Now it's time to find one for mama that doesn't make me look like a beached whale. Even though I fully expect to look like one in the middle of June.


TcH said...

Being the mom of a little girl with two bikinis, I wont share my sites.

Dena said...

That triangle top halter top two piece is SO crazy sad and I could NEVER imagine putting my daughter in ANY age!!!!

I 100% agree on the one piece/potty stop headache. Great point!

Cutzi said...

I am totally with you on the swim suit deal. So, did I miss it? Where did you find this one? Gymboree? I found a couple cute ones at Target but the print I liked didn't have the right style and the style I liked didn't have a good print. This one looks like it will cover the bum... Good pick.

Kate said...

I love Hanna Andersson....pricey but cute. I also love Langley's two piece tankini that is like the one you bought. It was from old navy a few years ago. oh....and so sad that box of maternity clothes never made it to you...there was an adorable maternity tankini in it - got it at Target!

kate said...

Kate - I'm still so grieved about that. Enough to maybe do a post about it just to get it out. Sad...I never thought about Hanna. I'll try there next time too.

Cutzi - I did get it at Gymboree. I forgot to mention that. I really liked the bottoms because they were half shorts/half panty-like. We have an outlet here and it was only $12!

Kate said...

I know, I saw some pictures of me in a shirt and thought, "Kate would have been so cute in that". I keep thinking it's going to just show up, but I guess that is wishful thinking. Seriously, where could it be? It had to be stolen because if it was lost I think someone would have "found" us by now because our addresses are on it! Uggh. Oh well. BTW, can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Cutzi said...

Thanks for the info. What a great price... might be worth a trip down to Seattle outlets. Oh!! Just remembered we're headed to Centralia to visit Justin's parents in a week or so and they just got a Gymboree outlet.

Kate said...

oh, and garnet hill kids

Casey said...

OMG Kate! The bug has a couple of bikinis but the one we actually let her wear is more of a sport-style top (not covering her full belly; and definitely not the little string things that are out there). So, she's had one but when we went shopping this year she went straight for those darn stringly little triangle top bikinins. Uh, no. Let's keep moving, missy. That's NOT coming home with us! I couldn't believe it!!! We did get a shorts and T-shirt style that's pretty cute, but she's still lovin' her sporty bikini. Where's the eye roll emoticon?

Allison said...

We got the Lands End suit you linked to for all three girls this year, because they've been in swimming lessons and the bathroom thing was such an issue. Even Vicki would complain about trying to pull up the wet suit. And we have the same modesty concerns at our house. I wanted the one-piece coverage with the two-piece convenience. Lands End was the only place that looked like the top was long enough to cover their bellies. I bought from the overstocks and spent about $70, including shipping, for all three.

Anonymous said...

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