Friday, March 13, 2009

Favorite Link Friday

Sorry for the delay, but I was so excited about the guest post!

But here's what I've found this week:

*Home Management Notebooks: I've thought of doing this many times and I think this woman has some great ideas about how to get started.

*This looks like beautiful Mac and Cheese. It's almost Spring so it's time to give this dish one last hoorah!

*This makes me look forward to Spring. Even me, who loves Winter and Fall could use a break from this cold weather.

*Supermom Central: this site is one of those you could follow a 1000 rabbit trails.

*I don't like those disposable nursing pads so I'm always looking for ones that you can reuse. I don't think I have enough black shirts to cover these prints, but they are brilliant, for sure.

*Interesting post about generations

Have a great weekend!


emily said...

have you tried lilypadz nursing pads--they're silicone and just stick on. i was a little dubious, but they actually work great, just don't last as long as advertised (2 mos)--mine lost stickiness after 5-6 wks. but really great otherwise!

amanda said...

those nursing pads are awesome!! way cuter than my plain ole white ones!

: said...

I'm sorry, that cow one is not funny!
I'm sure you could make cute ones using lighter colored fabrics. Fabric Depot is sooooo close.

Emily C

Kate said...

The nursing pads rock - I have some! And, silly Kate, unless your bras are see through, you wouldn't see them because they are inside your bra! I have some of the crazy prints. Love them.