Monday, June 1, 2009


Throughout the day I think of tons of great things to blog about, but then you know what happens, I forget. I cannot remember any of them. And I guarantee they were all funny and pretty good. Not that this blog is about being funny or a good writer, but when a good thought comes across, one has to jump on it.

Nevertheless, my brain capacity is short lived. I think it may be the long list of 'to-do's' before this baby arrives. First of which is to get this boy some clothes. Or else it's all pink sleepers when he's born.

So I may or may not be blogging much, but don't worry, I'll still do Favorite Link Friday for all those who love it.


Kate said...

Put a notebook in your purse and jot the ideas down!

Shelby said...
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Shelby said...

We understand Kate. Hey....LIFE happens! You get ready for that sweet baby boy. We'll all still be here when you return. ((Smootch))

Allikaye's Mama said...

You must be pregnant! I forgot so much when I was prego!! Oh - and whatever you do - keep the Friday links - I'm your biggest fan! heehe!